Steel Panther @ AB, Brussels, Belgium 2/4 – 15

So! The day is here! Finally. FINALLY would I see The Lounge Kittens again. Seriously, you don’t understand. When we were to see Steel Panther in Oslo, both me and Michelle were in a real bad mood, missing the monsters and me being anxious about Katy Perry, and now we had to go through ANOTHER show – and we had been on the road for a week, this was the third country for me this week and… We were in a bad mood.

Then we came in and saw nothing but a piano on stage. What the heck? Some bitches came and was well, bitchy, so yeah the mood was LOW. Oh right, all the catcalls too! But then. Then these three amazing ladies from Southampton got on stage and BLEW OUR HEADS OFF. They got us in a good mood, and in all honesty, we weren’t even sure if we were gonna stay for Steel Panther. That’s how good they were!


I went to McDonalds for breakfast/lunch/dinner and then made it right in time to AC for the doors to be opened. The first thing I did when we got inside was to dash for the merchstand to pick up The Lounge Kittens EP and a shirt, thank you very much! After that we went into the arena and took spots on second row on Satchel’s side, and before we knew it, The Lounge Kittens started their set.

They were just as good and energetic as I remember them, and they performed more or less the same set as they did in Oslo. However, the crowd was a lot less welcoming and warming as the Oslo one. Shame on you people! I always thought the norwegian crowds were the worst, but I guess not!


They thanked for the night and left the stage, and the eager wait for Steel Panther began.

Of course, this is when my heart decides to have a seizure. Or what you wanna call it.

I’m not sure how many of you knows this – but I’m born with a heartcondition. Basically and shortly, I’m born with holes in my heart and despite two surgeries, it’s not entirely fixed. This has forced my heart to occasionally have “drops”. The heartrythm goes very very fast, and then completely stops. This makes me completely numb, and sometimes it passes me out (because my heart stops you know?) so for that sake, I had to take a little easy during the show. This happens from time to time, but I think this might be the first time it happens BEFORE a show. Usually after.

Anyway, before we knew it, the intro to “Pussywhipped” started coming out of the speakers and they opened the show. Gladly, the crowd DID awake a bit for this – but I guess there’s always gonna be a problem with this for Steel Panther, for obvious reasons. I’m not gonna go in here and start generalizing and bashing certain people, but I think the average metalhead knows what I mean.


They continued on with “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of The World”, which offered quite the sing a long. Maybe not so energetic (I shouldn’t complain, because I didn’t do anything either but…) but hell yeah! Not Oslo style just yet though. Some new, or well, not new since Oslo, but new since last tour middle talk before they started “Fat Girl”.

“Tomorrow Night” and “The Shocker” followed suit and it was time for Lexxi’s little time in the spotlight. With his new, improved, brand new, hairsolo. The leaf-blowers were brought out and Lexxi’s hair flewed high and long. Haha, seriously, I’ve already told you about this so I’m running out of words.

“17 Girls” was up, and they brought a lot of chicks. What I again, find very hilarious with this is how people behave. Like, we were standing in like, second row, and we have girls plowing to the front only so they could get on stage. What is this obsession of getting on stage, and how come I never felt the need to do so? I must admit I always smile a little when a girl tries her hardest and is denied access. Jesus Christ. Come on time next time, and maybe you’ll be there!


This was followed by “Gloryhole” and “If I Was the King” before Satchel showed off his skills before a fairly cheering audience. “Ten Strikes You’re Out” wrapped up this first “part” of the show, and out came Stix little piano. “Kanye” was the first in this little acoustic set, followed by segments of “Weenie Ride”, “Stripper Girl”, “Why Can’t You Trust Me” and just as in Oslo, The Lounge Kittens were brought onstage to perform “Girl From Oklahoma” together with the band.

After this, they did something a little bit unexpected. They pulled out a Van Halen cover, more precise “Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love”. Nice surprise! Didn’t see that one coming, you know? “Asian Hooker” and “Eyes of a Panther” came up before they wrapped the whole set up with “Death To All But Metal”.

You know the drill as well as I do – they left, they came back, and started off the encores with “Community Property”. And while the crowd did a good job… it’s still not Oslo standard. Oslo is still in the top for me, tightly followed by London 2012. Maybe one day.


The Lounge Kittens were brought out on stage one more time, this time a bit in the back, and they ended the whole show with the best song they got – “Party All Day”. Love it.

With that said, they left the stage. Something that has struck me a lot with Steel Panther is their setlists. I’ve always, from the start, felt that their setlist are off. Like a lot. Not particularly bad, more… unexpected. Like, where is “Burden of being Wonderful”? or “If You Really Really Love Me”? They are gone man! And the latter one I never heard live. At least not that I can remember.

On our way out, I stopped by to say hi to The Lounge Kittens that had come out to the merchstand. And I’m glad I did so! Sweetest ladies ever. I told them I was a lot more interested in seeing them rather than Steel Panther, and they said they were soo telling Satchel that. Of course they should. He should watch his back. Got the CD signed, and headed home to the hotel.


// Sara



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