We woke up fairly early this day, because I thought the check out time was at 10 like it normally is in Sweden and started panicking a bit when I couldn’t get my shit together, but gladly, we found out the check out time was 11. No more panic! After checking out we went looking first of all for a touristshop, since my Belgium pin broke. Found a new one, and then we went searching for a coffeeshop for breakfast.

And that, my friends, was easier said than done. I think it took like an hour or so where we found a place were we could actually, you know, sit down and eat something. That was nice. Spent a good couple of hours resting and talking before we headed over to the trainstation to wait for Antoines train which departed a little earlier than mine.

Said good bye to him, got on my train and went to the airport where…. everything was out of order. Or at least everything SAS. And in panic I just watched the departure getting closer and closer, when they finally opened the check in and checked us in manually with a paper. Insane. This was the first time also, that I was supposed to do a flight change. Great start, huh? The plane for Copenhagen departured eventually, and once in Copenhagen… I found a brand new best friend. In a stroller. A small stroller. We walked around half of the airport before realizing there is no point. Norway and Denmark are expensive countries, so I got myself a yoghurt and two apples for dinner. Always something, right? The biggest issue wasn’t really that it’s expensive though, but that I started to get sick.

And on the plane to Stockholm, it all went downhill. The pilot suggested we looked at the scenery, so I did so with Katy Perry in my ears, but I couldn’t remain still. I got tea from the flightattendants, but my fever took over. Finally landed in Arlanda, met up with Michelle and Linda who ever so gracefully  came to pick me up by car. And in there, I was like a dead person. I had gotten myself the biggest cup of chamomille tea possible, and another yoghurt but I still sat there and talked nonsense with two dogs in the backseat. Don’t you love it when your fever is real high? We finally got home in the middle of the night, and I could pass out in my own bed.

And hoping to get better, because it was only two days until it was time to get on the road again.

// Sara

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