Stop Loving You

So basically. This tuesday was more or less just a pit stop, to throw shit out of one suitcase, and put it another. This morning started out rough, but a car drive later I was in Kristinehamn and boarded the bus to Stockholm. Once I arrived, I first hit up Forex to exchange some additional pounds before Brighton, and then I hit up H&M to look for some stuff I didn’t find at home. SCORE! Sat down at Subway later for lunch and then went to the airport and boarded the plane.

What can I say. I landed, got on a train and met up with Antoine and we headed over to something similar to McDonalds to have some dinner before FINALLY going to the hotel. I’m not sure, I might be getting old, but all this traveling takes it toll! It was nice crashing on the bed and just UGGHHGHGHGHHGHGHH.

Brought out my little computer, the pink one, that I barely ever use anymore, to introduce him to my sims. Priorities, you know. If you get to meet my sims, you are damn special. Haven’t met my sims? Then you’re not that important to me, sorry!

With all that being said, we more or less just went to bed because TOMORROW was an important day: The Lounge Kittens.

// Sara

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