Soil of the Corpse

Today has been one of those really slow, yet mandatory days – POST-TOUR LAUNDRY.

You know, when you’ve been away for a week or so at a festival or as in this case, traveled between a few countries, you kinda end up with a lot of laundry. And today was that day. Laundry day. ugggghh.

But I quite like it actually. It’s something real ritual, or how to put it, with putting in all them clothes you were to this and that concert in, in the washing machine and washing away “the old” and preparing them for what is to come. Because seriously. In less than a month, I’ll probably be doing my most INTENSE week, ever. EVER. But I’m looking forward to it, oh how I’m longing for it.

Speaking of Laundry, I took myself the time to repack my drawer with bandshirts. Yes, I have ALMOST all my bandshirts in a drawer, minus KISS, Wig Wam and Lordi shirts that has their own designated shelves for their bands. Question is, how do I even find all the shirts? Well, I’ll tell you.

I read on a website some long time ago that the best way to keep your bandshirts is by folding them one time, and then roll them. By that, you’ll both see what bandshirt it is AND what size it is (if this matters). Helps out a lot, AND in all honesty… it does make the drawer look a lot neater.



Oh right. Michelle was here during the evening as well, and the planning for Madrid is just getting more and more intense as we are getting closer. SOOO many good things coming up ahead of us, I just can’t wait.

Oh one more thing. I have for the first time in my life managed to throw a cactus across the floor while headbanging. With my hair. Metalhead problems….

// Sara

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