Hard to say what caught my attention

So really. The last two days has been just loooong days, to say the least. Yesterday, Monday that is, was spent mostly traveling. At first of course, I met up with Jasmin for lunch, catching up on the last things we couldn’t finish because of the concert before I went on the bus and headed to Vaanta.

It’s a fun thing that the first song that comes on my iPod when I’m on the bus on a sunny Helsinki street, is “Prelude” from Subliminal Verses. I had kind of a moment when I’m staring at Helsinki and hearing the words “But now it’s over, it’s over” and it almost had me crying. And it didn’t exactly get better when “Goodbye” is the song it is followed by.

This has been one of the best weeks in a very, very long time. Two phenomenal gigs of SlipKnot, one fantastic gig of Amaranthe and one stunning acoustic set of Stala&SO., visting my second home, meeting up with old friends and just living on the road is really the BEST kind of life there is, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I know I’ll be getting on it again in March I’d probably walk around here at home not knowing what to do with myself.

But gladly,  that isn’t the case. It’s just one month left until the traveling begins again, and that one will probably be our most intense ever. Ever.

Again, Thanks SlipKnot, Amaranthe, Stala&SO, King810, Cypher16, Jasmin, Argo, Michelle for this amazing week. I love you.

And I should probably start unpacking.

// Sara

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