Once Around The Ride

Peoples! Guess what? Today Michelle and I took a bit of a roadtrip out to Ingesund to do something very, very exctiting, and something I’ve been dying to start getting into: Voice acting.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough on this blog before, but as you probably already now, I’m very much into voice acting and voice actors, and its somewhat of a dream for me to at some point have some sort of part in a production sometime. But before that can happen, practice is needed. And where’s a better place to practice than in an actual studio?

We arrived at Ingesund at about 12, and we spent the first hour or two trying to set up the whole thing. At first, we had planned to be in one of the smaller studios, but since we couldn’t get the TV inside, we decided to be in the big studio after all. First we tried to get the DM2000 to work, but gave up shortly after realising we wouldn’t really NEED a mixertable for this test set up. So then we set up a temporary station in the middle of the studio…

Only to realize we couldn’t get the audiocard to synchronize with my computer. So in the end, what we ended up doing, is placing the TV, microphone and manuscript right outside the small studio and connecting everything to the computer in there. And the blonde moment of the day where when we were gonna get ourselves a microphone and ran around for an HOUR looking for a key to unlock the shelf with the microphones, only to realize they were never locked in the first place, only very stuck. Damn it.

BUT! We could finally proceed with the original plan. Just to be safe from people running in, we decided to set up a little sign…

Dubbis 007

After this we transcribed the whole “The Best Lazy Day Ever” and started getting at it… Hahaha. Oh my god. It started off rather shaky, trying to get into it, but after a while we started getting at it as there were no tomorrow. It was a bit tricky, we didn’t really do it the proper way with pauses and times, but we had A LOT of fun trying it out, and considering we only originally planned to set up the thing and take it down we did do a little more.

One things certain: We sure as hell will continue to do it. We even have a few small things planned. Haehehehehe.

Dubbis 013

Dubbis 016

// Sara

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