Father’s Day


Saturday means new Phineas&Ferb episode! At least for a while now. Today it was time for “Father’s Day“.

As the title suggest, they celebrated Fathers day. It started with Lawrence and Reggie playing some sort of simulator on the computer where they are flying planes, which inspired the boys to build the real deal AND go get Reggie from the UK. In the mean time, Dr Doof and Perry flew back to Drusselstein to get back the long lost garden gnome in order to return it to his father.

Of course, as he’s about to give the gnome to his father he trips on the carpet and breaks it. Gladly, his father didn’t freak out or anything. And as Doof and Perry had left for home, his father realized it was the old garden gnome and probably for the first time ever he was proud and happy about Heinz. He even glued it together and started yelling “BEWEGEN SIE NICHT!” to it. Love it.

I liked the episode. At first I was a little worried if it was gonna be as slow as “The Flying Fishmonger”, but the Doofenshmirtz sidestory saved the whole thing. It warmed my metalheart to finally see Dr D get the appriciation from his father that he longs for.

(Source: phineasandferb.wikia.com )

// Sara

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