Day 11 – A song from your favorite band

Well. This was an easy one. Obviously, this is going to be a Lordi song. And I’ll go with my favorite one, because I can never stress enough how amazing this song is.

“Deadache” by Lordi, off their 2008 record with the same name. This song… where do I even begin.

First of all, I wanna talk about the musical arrangements. This song is beyond perfect. Sure – this is a fairly simple song. No complicated riffs or impressive guitars. But perhaps it’s the simplicity that makes it good, I don’t know. It’s the melody you know. How it’s built up. With a steady rythm with significant keyboards, how it builds up to the chorus, a chorus that breathes so much schlager and 80’s, which is two of my favorite things, that I’m losing my shit over here.

And then the lyrics. I mean, I can’t sit here and say that these are the deepest lyrics I’ve ever heard, BUT – the lyrics works so perfectly together with the arrangments that I am again, losing my shit. And the little schlager-raise in the last chorus just… ahh. I can’t even.

It’s better if you guys just listen to the song. It’s perfect. It’s beyond perfect. Just saying.

// Sara

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