Summer of 69

Am I the only one here, who, after a festival, or concert for that matter, really drags out on unpacking? Like, I unpack the necesities – such as toiletries and stuff, but I always drag out on unpacking other things like clothes or electronics. I’m not sure if I’m just lazy, or if I’m lazy plus getting a huge doze of PFD – Post Festival Depression.

I always end up with PFD. Especially when it’s the last festival for the summer. When all is over. Sure, I have both Sabaton and HammerFall coming up, but it ain’t the same thing you know. Like, it’s not like we are going away to stay in this little bubble that is the camping and have a good one, we are not gonna go away to a new little village were we will live our lives for a week, no.

It’s just a concert, over the day, as one of these are here at home and the other one is at an amusementpark in Gothenburg. I’ve already started to look for festivals for next year, and I have a few more than Sweden Rock and Skogsröjet in mind this time. I’m not gonna blunt out right here right now which ones it is, you’ll see when you see.

But oh well. I guess I better unpack. The phone isn’t gonna magically recharge itself…

// Sara

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