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Skogsröjet 2015: Day one, Friday 31/7

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So! It was finally time for that time of the year again, for Swedens biggest smallest festival, or also known as the most cosy festival in Sweden – Skogsröjet. Located in the forests in a little community called Rejmyre (now Röjmyre) has the festival been running for ten years now. Yes you heard it, it was their tenth anniversary this time around. And for me, it was my fifth time. In a row.

However, despite this, I decided to go down on Friday to calm my nerves. I guess the epic performances of Noch Ein Bier kind of killed all enthusiasm I ever held for Skogsröjet this year, but at least I promised myself to make it in time for Crucified Barbara, which I did with some time to spare. It’s not a very long ride to Röjet from here – about two and half an hour only, unlike Sweden Rock which takes almost six hours from here.

Crucified Barbara

So, I’ve known about this band for many years, but I’ve never really gotten into them. I saw them in 2013, while queueing for Lordi, so I did look forward to seeing them again, and this time seeing them with a genuine interest. While the band performed almost flawlessly with a lot of energy, I must admit the public response was kind of weak. Gladly, this picked up as long as the show went on.

However, I must admit it was really, really good! I have to pick up an album or two with them now. I’m sad it took so long to convince me, but I guess it’s something about Klara’s personality on stage that is… contagious, in a way. So yes, good show, good band and a great start on the festival for me!


After Crucified, I went on and picked up my luggage to set up my tent. For some reason, Skogsröjet had closed off half of the camping, so it was a little tricky to find a spot that wasn’t occupied or in a puddle of water. After a bit of time, I found a spot, which was in a puddle of water, but at least it was less water than the other spots. I always wanted a houseboat, so I guess this is one way to get it, no?

After I was done setting up and unpacking, I headed back to the festivalgrounds to catch one of the reasons I went to this festival in the first place: H.E.A.T


What can I possibly say about H.E.A.T that hasn’t already been said? They opened on spot with “Point of No Return” followed by “A Shot at Redemption” and it went down the road it has done all festival season really. With one exception.

No “Late Night Lady”. Personally, not being a fan of the song, I don’t mind at all, but it was a bit of a surprise seeing it gone. So was “Heartbreaker” and “All The Nights”. I can live without the last one, but I REALLY miss “Heartbreaker”. It’s such a good song. Why.


But you know – you can complain all you want about missing songs, but Erik will very, very, VERY soon make you forget about it. Like I’ve said so many times before, he’s insane as a frontman, and the whole band just levitates from it. Fantastic gig with a bunch of Sweden’s finest, but who was ever surprised?

After H.E.A.T I quickly went to the record store tent and got myself a TOTO vinyl, a Bloodbound album and dropped them both off in my car while getting away from the rain for a moment before I headed back to catch the second big name for the day – Hardcore Superstar

Hardcore Superstar

HCSS…. There’s a certain thing with these bands. Like HCSS and H.E.A.T. HCSS is a band I’ve caught many, MANY times throughout the year, to the extent where I learned the majority of their songs only because I wound up seeing them live so much. At first it wasn’t even by choice, but eventually, it became by choice, because this band… is just so fucking good.

Opening up strongly with “Need No Company”, continuing on with “Last Forever” and “My Good Reputation”….  I’m still surprised how so many people can be so still to a band whose music is just one big party. Not in the sense of Korpiklaani or Alestorm, but it’s just… how can I even describe it? You kinda have to see it for yourself.

Jocke is also up in the run against Erik to be the best frontman, which helps a lot as to why this band is just… beyond perfect. I’ve come to realize stage presence is so important, and I learned during this festival what bad stage presence is. But I’ll talk about that later.

And for the first time in a while (where I have seen them) they invited some guests on stage for “Last Call For Alcohol” and I was so glad to see Angelina on stage with her favorite band again. That’s pretty much where she belongs.


They wrapped the whole set off with “Moonshine”, “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and “Above the Law” before thanking for the day and saying good night. Seriously, I’m so glad HCSS is practically a houseband at Röjet. We always have at least one fantastic band, I love that.

Skid Row

Right after HCSS, I headed over to Tube Stage to catch Skid Row. I’ve never been a major fan of Skid Row, however, Tony Harnell is quite the housegod here at home, and therefore, Skid Row was a must. I was very… happily surprised when I saw that he had joined Skid Row, and it made me excited for the show.

And they were really good! Can’t speak so much about the material since I, as I said, was never a big fan of the band, but it was so good to see Tony on stage again. And odd, in a way, to see him in another spectra than with TNT, but damn, it was good!



Went back to Bandit stage to catch the last band of the night – Europe. It was a nice set they put on – a decent mix of old tunes and new and they got good energy on stage. I love how they incorporate other sons in theirs – like “Here I Go Again” in “Superstitious” and “Du Hast” right before “Rock the Night”.

The only thing I have to say about it, is that I miss “Cherokee” a lot. I love that song, but since Europe isn’t exactly the band I’ve seen the most, I’m not sure what their frequency is with that song.


After this, I headed right back to the tent and climbed in under my poofy blanket and fell asleep after a little while listening to the same song I listened to going to bed last year – “Världens Bästa Tjej” with 2 Blyga Läppar. It made me smile. I heard it last year and did everything I could to track it down, because I really like it, and it was… a bit special I guess, in a way, to hear it being blasted again at the same place.

Fell asleep with a big smile on my lips, that’s for sure.

// Sara