Kamelot @ Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden 20/9 – 18

So here we go again. After one of the biggest bloghiatuses of my life, it’s time to get on it to write about a concert too, on top of everything! How great is that?

Festivalseason is behind is, and tourseason is upon us – so September was set to be a rather quiet month. Except from this little bad boy right here. Kamelot. Well, I’ll admit to you that I have barely ever heard Kamelot. After some discussion with Toivo we came to the conclusion that I have heard one song, and I’ve seen a song or two live with them some years ago when Kobra Paige was touring with them – but aside that – I’m completely blank as far as Kamelot goes. So why was I here?

Dynazty and Leaves’ Eyes. That’s why.

Dynazty as you know is one of my top favorite bands these days, and they aren’t particularly easy to catch live either. So when they show, you simply go. As far as Leaves’ Eyes goes, they are a rather new band to me. So, I’m just starting to see them.

So, since this concert was in Gothenburg, I simply got in my car and drove down. Toivo was coming in with the bus from where he lives, and we met up at the busstation in Gothenburg. So, you know how I’ve written about some very long time ago that I get a bit anxious driving somewhere, because I don’t know exactly where and how to go? And then I got to Gothenburg and surprise! Road constructions. But gladly, it was very well re-directed, and no major issues. We ran by Lush Cosmetics real quick to pick up some small stuff (Rose Gourmet Soap, Ectoplasm packaging free shower gel and Aromatic deodorant, for those whom it may concern)

After that, Toivo took the wheel and we headed over to Pustervik. Quick, the quickest I ever had, dinner at Burger King before going to the doors, where we found our friends Dennis and Susanna, as well as Cyril! Haven’t seen him in ages, so that was amazeballs. The doors was a bit delayed, which was great for us since that meant we made it, and I ended up at the front together with Cyril, his friend and Toivo. Couldn’t be better!


So, with that said, the wait was rather short before Dynazty enter the stage and started off their set with “Breathe With Me”, the first single of their upcoming album “Firesign”. The audience… besides us, I mean, was a bit lukewarm. Kind of expected, but still a lot more than I thought it would be.

“The Northern End”, seriously, the best song this band has ever written – followed up. May they NEVER take this song out of their setlist. I’ll literally murder someone if they do. And it was as magical as always.

“The Grey”, second single from the new album followed suit, and I was surprised.. I think? To see that this was the song that most people seemed to know. “Firesign” came up next, and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this song. Easily the best song on the new album, and magical live. Seriously.

“The Human Paradox” and “Titanic Mass” wrapped up the show tonight, a very good and energetic show – it was some time since I saw them be this on the game, so that was nice!

Leaves’ Eyes

So… The intro started rolling, and Toivo and I was caught up in a conversation, right? So, I stand there, with my back sort of turned to the stage, and then, by the corner of my eyes, I look toward the stage and I have a minor heart attack.

Because there, was full fledged vikings on stage alright. They did not have those on 70.000 Tons of Metal (which is well understandable) but jesus I did not expect that.

With that said, the band walked on stage and opened with “Sign of the Dragonhead”. The energy was on top, and it seemed like they had quite a few fans in the audience as well!

“Across the Sea” was the next song, and the whole audience was lit! And so was the band, if I may say so! It’s nice to see Elina really get out of her shell. “Swords in Rock” was next song on the list, followed by “Edge of Steel”. Seriously, am I the only one considering this song being extremly magical live?

My very own personal favorite – “Riders on the Wind” was the next song, and I don’t think I’ve had this much fun to this song ever as I did tonight. Seriously, this song was the highlight of the evening. And everybody seemed to have a lot of fun to it as well – not just me!

“Hell to the Heavens” followed suit before they wrapped it all up with “Blazing Waters”.  The band, as well as the vikings, thanked for the show and left the stage. And wow.. I mean wow! They were soo good, better than I remember them from the boat! I really hope they tour relatively soon again so I can see them. Again and again.


So, as I mentioned earlier in this post, I have never actually really listened to Kamelot prior to this show, but I was still looking forward to see it. I did catch an eye on the setlist, so don’t get confused by the fact I can still name some songs, hehe!

They started off the song rather ferioucously “Phantom Divine” and the arena practically exploded. Was happy to see them get such a good reception!

Well. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know all about this band, so I’ll keep it rather short. On this tour, they had Lauren Hart from Once Human with them, an Australian singer who is supertalented. They put on a very good and entertaining show to watch, will definitely look more into the band!

Another fun thing that happened was just two or three songs in, when the bassplayer handed me a pick. I motioned for Toivo to take it, because he is a bigger fan, or well, a fan, which I wasn’t, but the bassplayer just shook his head and put it in my hand. I pretty much squealed out a thank you, not really knowing what to say. Gladly, Toivo got one himself just a minute or so later.

After the show, we headed over to the merch where I picked up a Leaves’ Eyes shirt, finally! Caught up a bit with Susanna and said good bye to Cyril one last time before heading out, toward a 7-11 to buy some snacks and then home to Toivo for a good nights rest.

// Sara


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