Another week is coming to it’s end. It has been a pretty good week – with all the ups and downs that comes with it. I’m one week closer to my trip, and that is creeping me out a little, in all the right ways. Most things are underway to be finalized in the bookings, which is soothing to know.

Just a few more details and we’re on the go. So, right now, I’m focusing my energy toward packing. It’s ironic in a way – I’ll be gone for almost a month, and that is the time I want to bring as little as possible. I mean, it makes sense, the less I have to carry around the better of course, but still. My biggest issue as of right now is choosing what to wear for the concerts. So far, I have three outfit options for three different shows. I am planning to perhaps look into a few more, but then again – travel light, right?

Here are my first spontaenous ideas for outfits, all going together with black jeans or black leather pants. But the thing is, it’s a long time until the show actually happens, so I have time to change my mind and then change it again until then.

BUT, as a sidenote, I did get myself a travel sweater today. I wanted a “knitted” long sweater with high neck to use on those very very long bus travels I’ll be making. And I found the perfect one at Cubus!

I’m not sure exactly how much you can see, but I’m in love. Perfect for the trips. I am so ready.

// Sara

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