70.000 Tons of Metal: Day 1 – February 1st, 2018

So the D-Day is here! The day it was finally time to board the boat, to get on with the show to finally do what we came here to do. We got up early in the morning to have breakfast – and the first persons we spot in the morning are Alestorm. Apparently, we have shared the hotel with them, and presumingly a lot of other bands. It’s interesting to see, I loved the hotel, but perhaps not the most luxuary you’d find.

We got ourselves and Uber and got over to the docks, where there were already a lot of people and bands and baggagetrolleys in one big fantastic mix. After waiting in line forever twice – first I had to leave to go to the bathrooms because I had no idea how long it would be until I found one, and it was real bad, and then again, but finally, after some time, all was well – we had our photo taken and then got onboard the boat. The first thing we did was to find our respective rooms to drop off our handluggage before hitting up the dining room, or Windjammer. Complete free buffet, and I could barely even believe it – I had to ask several people if all of this was really free, haha, what a change.

Once eaten, I got back to my room to get changed and ready for the first night or day or whatever, and once ready I got up on deck and spent some time watching the boat leave the port. While lying there, the first person to come and talk to me was Alestorm and crew – because apparently this is completely normal.

At 17 it was time to head down to the Alhambra theater, got myself some nice seats because I was feeling a bit tired and time to witness the first show on the boat, for us that is, Leaves’ Eyes

Leaves’ Eyes

A little bit late, the intro started rolling, and the band started off the show with “Sign of the Dragonhead”, very strongly and very very well recieved from the crowd! Despite being one of the first bands on the boat (or perhaps because they were?) they had a rather big turn out – which I loved to see! They followed up very quickly with “Across The Sea”, which, in my opinion, fits very well considering that we are, literally, going across the sea toward the Grand Turks.

“Edge of Steel” and “Jomsborg” followed suit, and you know, this is my first time ever seeing Leaves’ Eyes, so this was so magical to get to see. “My Destiny” and “Swords in Rock” followed, and the crowd was just great. I was not sure what to expect from a crowd at a place like this, but it was damn good.

“Hell to the Heavens” was next, wrapping up the set with “Sacred Vow”, “Blazing Waters” and lastly “Haraldskvaedi”. The band thanked for the show and left the stage.

It was an amazing show – and the best start ever, if you ask me.

Once the show was over, I was meant to head over to see Triosphere in the Pyramide lounge, only to find out that they had to cancel the show because of medical reasons. Well that sucked, but it’s no major issue, if you think about it.

Later on, we made our way back to the Alhambra and the seats to witness the mighty Rhapsody, which put on a great show. I’m glad I got to see them one last time before they call it quits as far as this goes.

After this, exploration of the ship was on the agenda until it was time to get some rest – we were bound to get up at 3am to watch Amberian Dawn. That’s a first, isn’t it?

So, at 3 am we were ready… I was cozed up in my pajamas, in one of those very comfortable seats in the Alhambra waiting for the show to start… which was delayed. Almost an hour.

Amberian Dawn

But finally they started. It wasn’t a too big crowd, but I guess it is what it is. The band put on a great show, but I’m afraid I can’t give too much details as yours truly… due to the late hour and delay… found herself… Nodding away a few times. Falling asleep through some songs. Which happens.

But what I saw, was great. And good thing all the bands play twice, right?

After this – off to bed, for the “night”. A good first day, I’d say!

// Sara






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