Winged Hussars

Ah. It is indeed, I will admit, kind of nice to wake up and the sun is shining on the outside, and more importantly perhaps, to actually step outside and it is warm! We headed down to the cafeteria to have some breakfast and trying to plan out what we were gonna do today. There was a nice shopping mall a bit down the street from where we lived, and we decided to head over there, which turned out to be a great decision.

I was asked by my dear friend Sofia to pick up a perfume for her, and the shoppingmall had it! And if that wasn’t enough, I also picked up on a top and a belt. Both on sale, to make it EVEN better.

Once out of there, we headed over to a park, George English Park. It was a nice walk around the water, conquering some gyms and just spending time outside in the amazing sunshine and heat, something we don’t have a lot of here in Europe right now.

Toward the night we found the greatest of restaurant just down the block from where we were, where we enjoyed a nice meal and spent the rest of the night packing most of the things, because tomorrow my dear friends, the embarkment of the ship was happening!

// Sara

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