70.000 Tons of Metal: Day 2 – February 2nd, 2018

So, around 11 or so in the morning I got up. Getting these kind of interrupted sleep really suck, but it is what you make it, right? And I had to get up – the first show of the day was set to start at 13, and I need to get going.

I got ready in my cabin before heading up to Windjammer for breakfast. I forgot my earplugs at my cabin, so of course, I had to run down to pick them up, BUT, fear not as I made it back just in time for Alestorm to start.


They walked on stage just in time, opening up with “Keelhauled”. Am I the only one where who don’t exaclty love this song as an opening song? Regardless, they opened with good energy and the crowd had a good vibe to it as well.

They followed up with “Alestorm” and then the big partythrower “Drink” which is ALWAYS one big party, no matter where or when you see them. “The Sunk’n Norwegian” and “No Grave But The Sea” followed suit, and oooh how good this song is. And most certainly so live! “Bar ünd Imbiss” followed suit, before it was time for what is always the biggest party of an Alestorm show – “Hangover”. And I can now officially say, that I have seen Alestorm sing the lines “I’m on a ship” while being on an actual ship. BEAT THAT MOTHERFUCKERS.

“Captain Morgans Revenge” or the vengance of the Duck. The Night or well song, of the Living Duckies. It was very windy up on pool deck, and the gigantic duck had made it’s way toward the stage quite a few times. But in the spoken segment of the song, it made it’s final launch, hitting Gareth and knocking out Peter’s drumset. Chris stopped for a while to just assure us this was a serious metal show, before they continued on as if it never happened. So for once, Alestorm was attacked by their own duck.

They wrapped up their set with “Fucked with an Anchor” which gives you a sing along like no other, and Chris crowdsurfing his way to the hot tub. Because that is a normal thing here. With that said, Alestorm was over and done. Thank you!

We headed down to the cabins once again because quite frankly… this heat is not to mess with. Like, seriously. Quick break, change and awkward encounters with Korpiklaani later, we found ourselves back on pooldeck at the front line for Korpiklaani. At this point Sjorven had gotten his merch ticket, which was number 729 or something like that. I had 1247. Gee.


Sun was high. The heat was a pleasure and pain all at once, and the party was a fact. Kopriklaani belted out their entire selection of party songs which had the entire pooldeck dancing jumping and singing along (well…), even the hot tubs.

I would go into detail, but I’m afraid I can’t – since it was all just one big party party!

Once the show was over, we headed off to eat and have some wardrobe change. It’s Sabaton tonight, so camo pants and military boots on. And then we simply headed back toward the pool deck, again, like, all our shows are on pool deck here. We claimed our spots. Or well, Sjorven kept our spots. I had to go to a Battle Beast signing session. And to check on the numbers.

The signing session went quick and uneventful, this is the second time or so I’ve tried to have this “Bringer of Pain” cover signed so that was very nice. I checked the numbers too – they were at like 400. Since 7 in the morning. So I guess it was safe to say our number wouldn’t come up during Sabaton.

After Cannibal Corpse, which I only saw like the last few moments of, I claimed back my spot at the front and eagerly waited for Sabaton to begin.


And just as we waited for it.. it echoed out. “In The Army Now”. You know, the first few tones and beats of the song, when your inital shot of adrenaline straight through… And bliss. Once they reached “The March To War” and you feel your adrenaline pumping like nothing else, just to merge out in… “Ghost Divison”. Oh well. It’s still a complete outlet and outburst of all the emotions of excitment and what not that got built up during the previous five minutes.

“The Art of War” (God how much I love this song) followed suit very quickly, and then “Far from the Fame”. So pretty much same old, same old, but who really cares when it’s Sabaton? Especially considering that the oldie, but goldie, “40:1”. I really missed this song in the setlist, and over all, I miss this sound in Sabaton!

“Sparta” minus the spartans was next, another oldie but goldie from my favorite Sabaton album in the shape of “The Cliffs of Galipoli” made an appearance again, before launching into “Saboteurs”.

“The Last Stand” was next on the list, and I still love this song so much… I seriously love it to bits. And then came the next surprise. A real old, but gold, like for real, was next “Into the Fire”. And Jesus. I had no idea how much I missed this song until I heard it! Damn.

Some swedish pride for me, “Carolus Rex” followed by “Attero Dominatus”. This song is such a rush, you know? One of my absolute favorites “Uprising”, which I just cannot get enough of. “Primo Victoria next and then “Swedish Pagans” was last – but today it’s okay. People were not being oboxnious about this song on this cruise. So this is totally okay.

And just as on Sabaton Cruise, they wrapped it up with “My Heart Will Go On”. Because why the hell not, right?

Right after this, we jumped into the pool for a midnight swim before getting an ice cream and hanging out a bit before going to bed. You see, it was one of those nights again. Alarm was set to 4.30, because Battle Beast was going on stage at 4.45.

Battle Beast

So. 4.30 huh. I dragged myself out of bed. In my pyjamas. Once at pool deck, we noticed the hot tubs behind the stages were near empty, and while I’d normally never do this – it was 4.45. It was windy. It was cold. I was dead. I got into that damn hot tub.

For playing so later, or shall I say early? They had quite the crowd coming together. And they performed a fantastic set. It was the same set they had played throughout the European tour (no surprise) so no bigger surprises, but it was a very well enjoyable show.

But I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t wait to get back in bed, because you see, tomorrow, or today, depending on how you see it, was the day we went off the boat at the Turks Islands.

// Sara



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