Sabaton Open Air: Day 4 – Saturday

Last day of the best. Absolutely dead from going to bed too late and getting up too soon in the morning – but what can you do? We had to get up early regardless because of spots for Sabaton. Sjorven went ahead of me as I started to pack up and prepare, but I wasn’t far after him.

On my way to the parkinglot to get changed – for some awkward reason I kept half of my stuff in the car in the parkinglot, and half of it in the tent. But it wasn’t a too bad idea, as I ran into Tero and Susanna, my neighbours from Graspop Metal Meeting earlier this year. I was introduced to some of their friends and we had a nice chat before I had to leave to make it for the first band of the day for me, Thobbe Englund.

Thobbe Englund

I don’t know if this person needs any major introduction – but he’s the previous guitarplayer in Sabaton who left the band last year, and had his last show with Sabaton on this very festival. But now he was back, and with his own band with that.

He opened his set with “Sold my Soul”, and the crowd… I mean, it was okay. I actually thought he’d have a bigger crowd seeing he was once in Sabaton, but I guess a lot of people simply don’t have any interest in him as a solo guy. Can relate though.

“Annihilation” was next on the setlist, then followed by “Steel & Thunder”. “The Glow” and “It Burns” was next on the list before Thobbe showed us a guitar solo – he is a guitarist after all – before continuing with “Wildborn” and “The End of Oil”. The reception from the crowd was pretty good – I’m guessing a lot of people simply know him from Sabaton and hasn’t paid much attention to his own work, and most people were also already waiting in line for Sabaton.

“Break The Chains”, “I Am” and “Trägen Vinner” rounded up this show as Thobbe thanked for the day and left the stage. After this, I headed over to the other stage to catch a local band of mine, Lancer.


So, I will admit I have never heard this band before, but I knew they were from here and wanted to watch them because of it. They were really good actually – I enjoyed the show a lot, and they gathered a good crowd. Fun to see, and I will watch again some day.

After Lancer I went back to Sjorven to hang out a bit and slowly watch Eternal of Sweden before I was set to head off back to the other stage to watch Avatar.


I prefer to watch Avatar in the dark. So as you know, I was already not a fan of watching them so early in the day at Graspop, and they had yet an early set here in Falun as well, but it’s better than nothing.

The band walked on the stage the way they always do, and they opened the set with “Hail The Apocalypse” as per usual this year, and quickly followed up with “Paint Me Red”, “New Land” followed suit. Something I really love about Avatar – as with any other band like theirs, is that they stick to their concept and really act out on it. Making a show out of their music than simply the music. And you all know I’m very weak for that.

“Bloody Angel” and “The Eagle Has Landed” was next songs on the list, followed by “Get in Line” and “Vultures Fly”. “Murderer” and “Let it Burn” rounded up the show before they ended the whole set with “Smells Like a Freakshow”. The reception from the crowd was great, I’m glad to see how great it’s going for them. Really.

It was such a good show that I barely even wanted to leave my spot up on the hill to go back to Sabaton queueing.

Per default I saw Evergrey, which put on a pretty good show, but I need to admit I’m not a that big fan of this band, despite seeing them a couple of times by now. But still, better than nothing.

At this time, it started to get pretty thick, which isn’t so weird given it was about time for Sabaton to come on, once Steve Harris was done on the other stage.

And finally, after some wait, “In The Army Now” finally started rolling.


“The March To War” started echoing, and “Ghost Division” started off yet another Sabaton show. Soon, it’s going to have been ten years of torture. Ten years of torture. Oh well. I shouldn’t complain too much, should I, seeing that “The Art of War” was next on the list, and I pretty much forgive everything when this song comes on.

“Blood of Bannockburn” was next on the list, followed by “Swedish Pagans”. I’m so glad to just get over with that song so early in the set. I really don’t get it. The obsession. I really don’t.

“Attero Dominatus” was next on the list, and it is sooo good to see this song back. I missed this song during the Last Tour, so I’m more than happy to see it make a return. And then of course, the highlight of the show for me was next – “The Last Stand”. I cannot get enough of this song. Ever. Like, EVER.

You know, Sabaton tend to always have the same jokes on their shows, but this time it was funny. Jocke asked all of us Swedish speaking people to just randomly start screaming at whatever he said, just to confuse and weird out the non Swedish speaking, so he literally just said “ok, lets scream” and all the Swedish speaking people did so, and I know that all my friends that I was there with, that happened to be non swedes, just looked at me like “what did he say, what did he say” and me and the security guard just looked at each other and smiled. Oh if they only knew.

Another favorite back is “Panzerkampf”. I am not sure why this song ever actually disappeared from the setlist, but I’m glad it’s back. The adrenaline rush that is “Sparta” was following next, before it was time for them to play a song that, as far as I understood it, they have only played once before – “Wehrmacht”. Was really cool to see it live, really!

“Screaming Eagles” followed suit before it was time for another highlight of the show, “Carolus Rex”, which was instantly followed by “En Livstid i Krig”. And you know, I’m no big fan of this song in particular, but I’ve learned to appreciate it, only for the baby bears. Those who knows what I mean, they know.

“Diary of an Unknown Soldier” started echoing through the speakers, followed by “The Lost Battalion”. This song is still as magical to me was it was the first time I heard it on Sweden Rock 2016. “Winger Hussars” and “Night Witches” wrapped up the set before they left and the video from the storming of Normandie appeared, and “Primo Victoria” was set off.

“Shiroyama” was next, and they ended it all with “To Hell and Back”, and then left the stage.

While I was a bit disappointed in the setlist – Sabaton is good at false marketing – these boys still never disappoint me with their live shows. And as long as they keep “Winged Hussars” so I can get myself a proper slayer neck I’m very, very happy.

However, the night didn’t end here for us. Next stop for us was up the hill, to watch the last band of the festival – Grimner.


I have seen Grimner twice before, when they were supporting Korpiklaani on their Swedish tour, and I enjoyed it a lot. I have one of their albums – “Frost mot Eld”, and I really, really like them.

They put on a really good show. They had a good turn out, despite being the very last band, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Folkdancing to “Bastu”, headbanging the hell out of oneself to “Eldhjärta” and so on… It was a good ending.

After the show we met up with Helle, Martine and Joran for a one last good bye before going back to the tent and going to sleep. After all, it had been a long day.

// Sara


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