Sabaton Open Air: Day 5 – Sunday

So, last day of the festival. Gladly, I had packed some of my shit already yesterday, but we still had stuff to pack and organize. We did so, and then said good bye to everyone in the camp who were leaving before us, and then went out to the parking lot with our stuff, where we find one of the friends from the campgrounds, Monika waiting. Apparently she hadn’t managed to get a ride to the hotel, so we packed in her stuff in the car, and her on top of that and drove her in. It’s a short ride with a car, but longer to walk with two suitcases.

After this, we finally headed home. We had booked an early laundry time in order to get home in “time” and not sauce like carrots at the fest, so once we came home we sorted out all the laundry and once done with THAT, we ordered ourselves our well deserved pizza and watched a couple of movies.

This is the best way to relax after a festival.

// Sara

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