Sabaton Open Air: Day 3 – Friday

Friday, Friyay! First of the long days at Sabaton Open Air. Sadly, I’m lazy so I spent most of the time lying in the camp, organizing, going into Falun for my daily Pokéstop and just hanging around until the first show of the day for me started, which was Follow the Cipher.

On our way to the show we ran into Jenny, one of the girls I had in my Camp Ellen on Graspop, and we watched the band together.

Follow the Cipher

Follow the Cipher is a local band from Falun, and I must say I really liked them! Not only did they have good music, but they had an interesting stage show as well. And most people who read my blog knows how well I like well planned stage shows. Definitely a band I’ll watch again if I have the chance

After Follow the Cipher I went to the car to eat some left overs from yesterday, going back to the tent to organize some stuff, and then rush back to the area for Dirkschneider


You know, we joked on Wacken about that Udo is everywhere. I thought he was playing Wacken, but he wasn’t – even so, he was then announced as one of the first bands for Wacken next year. So basically, Udo is everywhere. And he was at Sabaton Open Air as well.

So, with Dirkschneider he still plays Accept songs, and it was magical for me to hear “Princess of the Dawn” which rapidly has grown into one of my favorite songs with them, made me very happy.

Other than that, the set was really good and I’m glad we managed to catch him.

After Dirkschneider we went up and claimed our spots for HammerFall. This is a small festival and I figured it wouldn’t be impossible to claim a front row spot for HammerFall, and although we managed, it wasn’t super easy.

But, we waited, and then it finally began


The intro started to roll, the band walked on stage and started off their set with “Hectors Hymn”. They quickly followed up with “Riders of the Storm” and this was the moment where it just… dawned upon me.

This band, much like Sabaton, has been with me for ten years. This is the first heavy metal / power metal band that I ever listened to, they are the ones who showed the way. As the years passed, they faded, I faded, and a mixture of emotions came up inside of me when they started playing this song, as I realized how much I love this band – and how much I’ve missed them. It was so good to see them. So fucking good.

“Bloodbound” was next on the list, followed by my all time favorite “Any Means Necessary”. I honestly cannot get enough of this song. Period.

“Renegade” was next on the list, followed by “Dethrone and Defy” from their newest album – “Last Man Standing” and “Let The Hammer Fall” and lastly “Built To Last” was fired off before something special started happening.

They were celebrating 20 years since the release of “Glory to the Brave”, and because of this, they had brought in a group of well established folk musicians who accompanied them for “I Believe”, “The Dragon Lies Bleeding” and “Glory to the Brave” specifically, and before doing so, they had their own solo as well. It was magical to see.

“Hammer High” rounded off the set, and the band walked on stage. When they came back, they fired of “Bushido” and “Hearts on Fire” as encores before thanking for the time and leaving the stage.

While it was a great show, I will admit I had hoped for more seeing it was the 20 years anniversary of the album. But, it was still good. So I’m content.

After HammerFall I joined Sjorven to see some of his friends and we wound up being there until 5 o clock in the morning before finally, going to bed. So late.

// Sara

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