Sabaton Open Air: Day 2 – Thursday

Thursday. First day of waking up on festivalgrounds, it is a special feeling you know. You are home, but o the same time you are not.

Since the festivalgrounds didn’t open until 17 later this day, Sjorven and I had decided the day before that we were about to go and have proper lunch together, considering we don’t hang out much or often, and considering we were going to town regardless to pick up the orders I had made for Sabaton Open Air and Skogsröjet beer, it was simply a perfect oppurtunity.

So, off we went through the beauty that is the small forest before you get to centrum, off to the liqour store to pick up beautiful bottles of Sabaton Open Air beer. It was a large order, carried in a bigger box as I helped my non-Swedish friends to get their hands on a few as well. And of course – Skogsröjet beer.

After this, we headed over to the pizzeria we had spotted the other day and had a delicious meal. We then headed back to the festival area, had a drink or two before going inside the area. The first thing on the agenda for me, was the Sabation signing session. I picked up my The Last Stand vinyl and made way to the line. I stood relativel close to the French Division, and managed to say hi to Alexandre. Always a joy.

I’m legit sure that I stood in that line for a good hour before reaching the front, but it was all worth it. One more vinyl to my collection, and it was indeed nice to meet the boys again. Very chatty, Chris and I ended up in a disucssion about signing sessions, and me and Tommy about haircolors. Nice.

After the signing session, I headed back to the car to rest a bit before dinner and Freedom Call.

Freedom Call

Freedom Call had gathered a nice crowd, and the they delivered a very good set. Despite not being very much into them, I enjoyed the show a whole lot. It was really fun. Strong songs, anthems and hymns. Just what I like.

After the show, we headed off to have some late night snacks and watching some of Pain before going to bed. At least for me, that is.

// Sara

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