Sabaton Open Air: Day 1 – Wednesday

So, finally the time was here to get to the last “major” festival this year – Sabaton Open Air. Due to having my friends arrive already on Monday, I decided to get there as early as possible, which would be Wednesday. Delay after Delay made my arrival later than I had expected it – but hey – I made it there, somehow.

Apparently, this was all encountered with issues. Firstly, the parking only offered a pay system I do not use, which means I had to call my mother, who had to make the payment, then go to a electronics store to get help to get a picture of the phone so she could send it to me so I could prove to them I had paid parking. What is so fucking difficult with using cash…? This is a big no no for me that parking is 1. Not able to be pre-purchased, and secondly, only option while at the parking is by Swish. A big no no.

Secondly, since I had my ticket arranged for me beforehand, all I needed was to pick up a camping ticket, which as informed you are supposed to be able to do once there. But this was issues as well. I had to buy it from the website, because for God knows what reason, they could not sell camping tickets at the booth until the next morning. And I could not buy it online – because I had withdrawn all my money to pay for the camping upfront. Ironic, isn’t it? I was lucky as hell though – a gentleman from Germany has accidently purchased a camping ticket which he didn’t need, so we solved it as such that I bought the camping off him, making everything correct in their systems.

After that, I met up with Sjorven and we headed down to Falun to have some, well, it was supposed to be lunch but by this time it had turned into dinner. Dinner means Subway by the river, and it was nice to catch up. We headed back to festival grounds where we put up the tent and then off to see the first band of the evening for me, Mark Zero. – I will let you know something – I did forget my camera at home, as it seems, and because of that, only phone images will happen.

They put on a really good show – the little tent they played in, the bar tent which held the pre-party that this wednesday was, and the tent was packed. Happy to see!

I was introduced to some of Sjorvens friends as we waited for Brothers of Metal to begin.

Brothers of Metal

So this is a band I wound up seeing by accident on Sabaton Open Air last year, and I loved them. So I was looking forward seeing them again, and so was a lot of people.

They put on a really good show – as I expected, and I’m glad I came early, even if it only was to see this band perform.

After BOM I will admit that I headed straight for bed. It has been a long day, and tomorrow was set to be an even longer day.

// Sara

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