Time is on Our Side

After three years of silence, and a guitarist “change”, H.E.A.T has finally broken the silence and released a new single from their upcoming album “Into The Great Unknown” which is set to be released on September 22nd, it’s moving pretty fast!

As you might remember, Eric Rivers decided to leave the band earlier, and was replaced by previous H.E.A.T guitarist Dave Dalone. Ironically, Dave was always my favorite member, so it’s an interesting situation to end up in. From my side, I mean.

So, they released their new single the other day – “Time is on our Side”. The artwork itself for the album is a bit different from what we know from H.E.A.T, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but of course it makes you a bit… nervous, should I put it that way? I mean, we all remember what Dynazty did.

So, this is the song. I’m a bit torn between it. I really like the verses, not as much a fan of the choruses. And it’s something in the arrangements or production of the verses that I don’t really like either, the plinkiplonki in the background… Perhaps it’ll grow on me.

I do find the lyrics facinating though. I can’t help but feel that this song could be written to Eric Rivers, at least him is what I think about when I hear it. Aside from that, I am as in love with Erik’s vocal works as I have always been.

I’m looking, very nervously, forward to the album.

// Sara

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