Wacken Open Air: Saturday (Part 4)

So Saturday, as I mentioned earlier, was quite the busy day for me. I’m not sure if there were particularly any more bands that specific day than any other, but most of the bands played right after each other, leaving no time to do other things once Powerwolf started later in the evening.

But first things first, pretty much the reason I got here started early in the day: Twilight Force.

Twilight Force

Ok so, I know, or have learned by now that bands are probably and usually a lot bigger than I expect them to be, at all times, but this was ridiculous. The tent was PACKED. Which made me really happy to see. And then, the intro started rolling and they opened their set with “Battle of Arcane Might”. They were well recieved by the audience. They continued on strongly with “To The Stars” and then “Riders of the Dawn”.

Funny note: During “Riders of the Dawn” Thomas and I fake galloped, and his step counter hit its daily goal, simply from going to this show. Now that’s what I call a work out!

“Enchanted Dragon of Wisdow” was the next song on the list, quickly followed by “Powerwind” before the paradenumber that is “Flight of the Sapphire Dragon” was ripped of until they closed the show with “Gates of Glory” and “The Power of the Ancient Force”.

While the show was really good, I couldn’t help but to notice that they didn’t seem very tight. It sounded a bit off, but I wasn’t sure if it was just untight, or if they do other versions live.

After the show, we went back to the camp to chill out and relax a bit, and I was getting myself ready for the signing session as the time went by. Got there pretty good on time, there was a small line already gathered up for the Twilight Force signing, but not too bad. The band came and started to sign eventually we got to me, and the “problem” – not a problem but I don’t know how else to put it, is that I got some of the die hard fans in front of me in the line, which cause a huge stop. Not for me personally, but I spent a good ten awkward minutes with Lynd becasue the line could not proceed because they had to greet and talk to literally every single member. It got so awkward Lynd even struck up an awkward conversation where he confirmed they were a bit rusty.

Finally the plug undid and I could proceed and get out – and for those of you who think I’m so rude who just “want to get out of there” – Powerwolf was about to start their show soon after this, and I wanted to drop off my vinyl and put on make up before the show. And, I made it.

So, Jonathan joined me up and we went back to the festgrounds and got positions for Powerwolf. Far in the back, like, real in the back. But better than nothing, right? And you kind of have to choose your positions after where the mud is, in all honesty.


“Lupus Daemonis” started echoing through the speakers as the band (I assume, couldn’t really you know, see) walked on stage and then fired off the show with “Blessed & Possessed”. The crowd for the show today was huge, which I kind of hoped you’d understand by us being far in the back. We were in the infield still, but really far away. It was an ocean of people. And then I think about the little clubs Powerwolf plays in Sweden… It’s so interesting how different it is.

“Army of the Night” was next on the list and to be honest… I would go through the entire list song by song, but the thing is – it is the same. The same that it has been all of the “Blessed and Possessed” tour, with perhaps losing a song or two here and there depending on if it’s a club or a festival gig. What I really miss is “Lupus Dei” at the end, which they haven’t seem to have had at all this festival tour. Interesting.

Aside that, the band performed a good set and the audience had a good vibe. A well enjoyable show!

Alice Cooper

Right after Powerwolf, I walked over the other stageto witness Alice Cooper. It felt really, really weird I will admit to not have seen him at Gröna Lund as I usually do, but what can I do about it now? Nothing.

For a lot of people happy surprise, he actually opened with “Brutal Planet”. I was really happy to see this. The place was really packed, I’ll also let you know. Somewhere in the start, Jörgen came from nowhere and picked up, as he, Sandra and Johan were standing right outside infield, and wanted to ask if I should join them instead, which I did. Because it didn’t really matter, the band was tiny anyway.

The setlist was good – it was a lot and a bunch of the good old classics that are used to and expect to hear, but also a few that for me where a bit unusual – such as “Woman of Mass Distraction”, “Halo of Flies” and “The World Needs Guts”. It was good to see him perform one new song as well – “Paranoiac Personality”.  Aside that, as I said – the same old, same old. “Frankenstein” and the monster, the beheading, all of the old tricks. I did miss “Billion Dollar Babies” though.

And on top of that, I really appriciate the Lemmy tribute they do. I love it when musicians recognize each other this way.

It was a good show – what else to expect from the man himself if you think about it, perhaps band should look to him and take notes.

After this, it was time for my only small break. I was heading over to Wackinger Village to catch Serenity, but some idiotic person had thought it was gonna be fun to switch the road signs out, so it took longer than it would need to find my way there – and before people flame – I used the break time to look through the shopping part toward Beergarden, so this is why I got lost, otherwise I would probably have wound up in Wackinger right away.


So, of course, because of some idiot person, I missed out on my favorite song with Serentiy – but at least I only missed one song. They played a really nice set – short naturally, and was interrupted a lot due to having the same play time as Amon Amarth – we would hear Serenity, but feel the beats from Amon Amarth. George even joked about that they could use Amon Amarths drummer instead of their own.

They had a woman with them on stage to do some duets, but sadly they didn’t do “The Perfect Woman” which I was hoping a bit for as they had her with them, but you can’t get everything, right?

After Serenity, I headed back toward the infields and picked up pizza and drink to have a late night dinner while watching Avantasia


What I really like about Avantasia is the setting and how it works. I know it’s a metal opera, which makes it so enjoyable both simply to watch the way I did with a drink and a pizza, but also as someone who’s into it, as I did, well partially tonight but also on Tuska.

The setlist is somewhat similar as to what they have had the past year – not surprising seeing it’s the same tour, but I thought it would be a little special because you know Wacken. I wasn’t even at the Infield for this one, but holy damn. If I thought there was an ocean of people for Powerwolf, there sure as hell was one now.

The set was really enjoyable though. It was the perfect ending for the festival and the evening, and even though it may only be the third time I’m seeing Avantasia, they have never failed to entertain me so far. I hope I get to see them again some time.

After this, I left the Wacken grounds behind, quite early in the evening for once, and started packing up my camp as I heard the rain smatter on the tent outside. Tomorrow started the journey home, and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it, I must admit.

// Sara



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