Wacken Open Air: Friday (Part 3)

Friday! Today I did have a few bands I wanted to see – some of these even being one major reason I went here in the first place.

But, first there is something else to talk about. I got up in the morning, went and got my daily breakfast and everything, and I get a notification of my Wacken app about this one band I had favorited, but I figured I wouldn’t see until Thomas blurts out “Anyone wanna go see Evil Scarecrow”? and I was like “YES!” so, essentially, off we went.

And I am very, very very thankful and happy that we did.

Evil Scarecrow

As someone who knows nothing about this band and knew nothing about them prior to this show, we were quite taken aback with this band. The aliens. Link. The robots and not to mention – “CRABULON”.

A big crab robot that made the crowd go from one side to the other while doing crab claws. This stuck. Quite a lot with me and Thomas. So much that “Crabulon” is in fact our official song now. And this show… well what can I say? It was amazing. It blew our minds, especially since it wasn’t just fun, it was really good musically too!

After Evil Scarecrow, we headed off to some CD stores in order to pick up Kissin’ Dynamites album. Since I had decided so last minute, I had no way of actually obtaining the CD prior to going here. I had hoped to find the vinyl or a vinyl, but I had to settle with the CD. No harm done really.

He headed off to the campgrounds, and I went back to Headbangers Stage to see one of the bands that brought me to this fest in the first place.

Kissin’ Dynamite

Right on time they opened their set with “Highlight Zone”, and I was stunned to see the stage being packed. Not that I don’t think of them as a big band, just that they were put on one of the smaller stages, making me assume they were perhaps not THAT recognized, but they sure were. Happy to see! And the reception for them from the crowd was really good, on top of that.

I did sadly not keep track of the setlist, and the setlists I find online I know are wrong, so I can’t give you a detailed set update sadly (I will improve!) but the show was really good – They had even gotten a dancer for “She Came, She Saw”, which I thought was pretty cool. It was so unusual to see as I have for most parts left the sleaze scene behind, but it was a nice touch, really.

The band delivered very well and it was a well enjoyable show.

After the show, I headed off to the signing session to get my copy of “Generation Goodbye” signed, which went fast, easy and smooth. Don’t get me wrong – it’s fun to meet the bands but when it comes to signing sessions I prefer to make them quick, so as many as possible can make it through.

After this, I went back to the campgrounds for a little while to hang out in the camp – I think I’ve mentioned it before, but seriously, this camp is dope. The people – amazing. Later on, Thomas and I headed off to Wackinger Village to catch Skalmöld


I must admit I missed out on a bit of the start, as I had to get something to eat. We had met up with Jörgen in the village who had gotten himself a meatstick, I myself was craving crepes so, said and done. After that, we watched the band.

I’ve seen this band once before as supportband for Epica earlier this year, and they put on a good show and set actually. I don’t know much about them, sadly, but I enjoyed this set as much as the last one really.

After Skalmöld I had a big decision to make. To go see Marilyn Manson, or see Turbonegro. I’m equally as small of a fan for either, but I remember really enjoying the past two Manson shows I saw, one of them being as recent as 2015, and Turbonegro I didn’t even remember the two shows I saw – so I decided to see Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson

And what can I say other than for future notice to myself – if Marilyn Manson ever place the same spot as a another band I like a little, I will always go for the other band. Going to Marilyn Manson was the biggest mistake of my life.

I do not possess his most recent album, and perhaps this is why I didn’t get that show – I’ll give him that much of credit, but for the first time in my life I’ve found myself leave the audience ground and sit down in a nearby house because it was so utterly boring. I saw the lights from Turbonegros stage, but I reckoned I wouldn’t really make it there in time anyway, so I remained put at what has gone down in history as the most boring concert I have ever seen in my entire life.

Manson was doing fine – Like, he was singing fine and the band was doing good, but damn I could not take this. I should have gone for Turbonegro. Because that would at least have been fun. Oh damn.


After Manson, I headed back to the tent to catch another interesting band of mine – Kryptos. You might remember that I wrote about them earlier this year when they released their new album, and I was glad to see them on the bill for Wacken. But that playtime – 2.25 – 03.00. That is the latest I have ever watched a band played, and had it been like any other band I would have skipped. But not this one. Because who the hell knows when they will come back.

For being such a late night, there were a group of brave metalheads there, a big group actually. Kryptos is a very classic heavy metal band, which made this a very… Like, I can’t put my finger on the feeling. It’s the same feeling I had as when listening to their album – you are sent back to the 80’s, in a basement with your friends, beer and a taperecorder just partying. And I like that.

The crowd was good too – large moshpits, and people just being into it. I’m really glad. And I’m so glad I got to see this band perform live.

After their show, I FINALLY headed back to the camp to get my well deserved sleep. Tomorrow, Saturday, was going to be a heavy day for me.

// Sara


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