Wacken Open Air: Sunday (Part 5)

So, last day. It’s always a bit bittersweet when you hit the very very last day of a festival – the take off day. Gladly, I had already packed most of my things the day before, so it was merely down to the tent and the sleeping gear for me to pack up.

It had been dry most of yesterday aside the nightly rain, so hopefully it was going to be somewhat easier to get back to where the festivalbus departures from, but then again – I did make it there, so there should be no issue. We said a few heartfelt goodbyes to the people who rode in the car and started walking toward it.

It wasn’t too bad – despite the rain, it hadn’t gotten too muddy yet, it could have been much worse. Johan and Jörgen still helped out with the gear, and I am ever grateful for it. Once there, we sat down to wait for the bus to departure.

Once on the bus, we claimed our seats in the back once more, and were joined by some other friends and some others.. not so pleasant people.

The journey home was, aside the annoying people, peaceful and we were driven home all the way to Karlstad, I drove Sandra and Johan home to Torsby and finally at 6 am in the morning, I could go to bed. And – my bunny kept quiet too. Which is unusual for her. Wow.

I want to thank everyone who was involved in this trip for making it the best trip ever. I do not regret missing out on Skogsröjet for this, thank you so much everyone!

// Sara

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