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May in Music

Posted in Music, Uncategorized on May 31, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright folks! All of May has passed, and it is well time to talk about May in music. Basically, just see how I’ve been listening now in May, and as per usual, I’ll start with the artists.

5. Return

Norwegian 80’s hardrock band Return is a band I grew extremely fond of perhaps a year or two back when I discovered their “United in a Scream” and I’ve been hooked ever since. Despite this, it has taken me all the way up til now to get a hand of the album on CD, and while finding it I managed to lay my hands on “Attitudes” as well, which helps a lot with putting the band on the list.

4. Twilight Force

Twilight Force are still going strong on the list,I’m starting to sense they are becoming this band who will always linger around at all times. I’ve started to grown really, REALLY fond of this band, I guess it’s simply something with these concept bands that really get me, you know?

3. Alestorm

It’s only a few mere weeks until I’ll be seeing Alestorm again, which is going to be a long time no see. On top of that, they’ve just released and amazing album which I’m meant to post a review of any time soon, it’s almost finished! So exciting.

2. Art Nation

Seeing Art Nation still being in the top is no surprise really. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you people about my undying love for this band, and it’s just growing stronger as time goes by.


Not too odd, Sabaton is still in the lead. I’m still on the hype and all for “The Last Stand”, and I guess I’m getting a bit hyped for Graspop as well which helps you know… A lot. Still going strong!

Well, so that was the bands. Let’s move onto albums.

5. Attitudes – Return

One of the newest aqucitions as far as Return goes. I had it on repeat for quite a while actually, I really, really, liked the album. Very happy I got it!

4. Heroes of Mighty Magic – Twilight Force

Still on the list, the second album of Twilight Force. I guess it’s my love for “Flight of the Sapphire Dragon” that puts it so highly on the list, don’t you think?

3. The Last Stand – Sabaton

Surprisingly, it’s only on third place. You’d think it’s higher, but apparently not. It’s starting to slow down, aye?

2. No Grave But The Sea – Alestorm

Alestorm newest album has been played warmly here at home. I’m completely in love with this album, no joke at all

1.Liberation – Art Nation

Art Nation’s most recent album hits number one this month, it appears. Not so weird – just a matter of time until I see the golden boys and girl again. Really looking forward to seeing them at Sweden Rock, it’s going to be AMAZEBALLS.

And lastly, we have songs.

  1. Gott Mit Uns – Sabaton
  2. Take Me Home – Art Nation
  3. Battle of Arcane Might – Twilight Force
  4. Maniac – Art Nation
  5. Kiss Up and Kick Down – Art Nation
  6. The Last Stand – Sabaton
  7. Blood of Bannockburn – Sabaton
  8. Mexico – Alestorm
  9. The Power of the Ancient Force – Twilight Force
  10. Carolus Rex – Sabaton

I have decided I’ll just post a simple list like this from now on when it comes to songs.  We can see the list being dominated by the same artists seeing as most played artists, and it appears that the song I assumed was the cause of Twilight Force’s rise is not even on my most played lists. Carolus Rex songs are high on the list though, I guess I’m rediscovering the album in a way, haha.

So, that’s that folks. See you again next month!

// Sara

Fighting Till The End

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Second day of trying to obtain tickets and stuff for Graspop Metal Meeting, and I’m met with yet another error code. I don’t know what is Ticketmaster Belgium’s problem, but it sure is something. And you’d think their website would work like, two weeks prior to the festival. Apparently not. Talking about no costumer service!

On a brighter side, my lamp for the bedroom arrived today. So I finally have some proper lights in my bedroom, thanks for that! Now I can take back the reading light somewhere else, at last.

I’m satisfied. Once the bedroom is completely done, it will all make a lot more sense, I promise.

I also got my showercurtain. Finally. I’ve had a bit of a hard time showering now, without making the entire bathroom soaking wet, but at last. And it was BETTER than expected! I love it so much, seriously:

Aside that, I guess life is marching on as usual. Except my ticketbuying problems. Curse them websites. Another try tomorrow then!

// Sara

Pretty Little Distance

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Hey ho. Long time no see for real this time. To be honest, I’m again mostly just busy. festivalseason is literally around the corner and there are stil some last minute preparation I need to get done. Like getting actual tickets, for Graspop that is. I’ve gotten an error code every time I’ve tried this evening, will try again tomorrow.

But also all the others.

I really can’t wait enough for this though. This is the most wonderful time of the year – when you travel far away and you end up in a metal and rock land (depending on the festival) and it’s just metal 24/7… Coming home. Being in heaven.

Sorry for the small update, I think it’s going to be a lot better starting from now, as my apartment are finally getting together.

// Sara


Into You

Posted in Uncategorized on May 23, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Festivalsummer is coming closer and closer by the day – and the excitement grows. Sweden Rock in just three weeks, Graspop in four and Tons of Rock in five. It’s going to be three weeks of pure bliss.

But, in this excitement and bliss, there is darkness. Last night we were attacked again. Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester last night was attacked by a hateful individual, who took the life of all too many innocent people, youngsters, children. Tragedy. A place that is supposed to be the happiest on earth – the show of your favorite artist, turned into a battlefield. This is the second time it happens. In our forum. In my forum.

Hate can never win. We can NEVER let hate win – and hate can never silence us. My thoughts are all going to the victims, to the survivors, to Ariana who together with Eagles of Death Metal always have to live with the fact their fans lost their lives at their show. This is nothing but a tragedy. But we will never stop, mark my words.

(Photo: Robert Ascroft)

// Sara

Despair is a Siren

Posted in Uncategorized on May 20, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

The place is finally starting to come together. I think I have honestly said this a million times, but it has reached the point where it literally feels like I could actually live here now. Like a home, if it makes sense.

Today has actually been a bit of an eventful day – these days I play Pokémon Go twice as much as normal because of the Adventure Event where the buddies collect candies more rapidly than normal, as well as a lot of rock type Pokémon being out, which has reduced a lot of my candy chasing for me – I finished quite a few pokémons in just a day of walking, and I’ve managed to get all candies necessary for Slugma only by catching him, and the same thing is about to happen with Geodude. So that is well nice. I don’t need to collect more Slugmas, but it’s somewhat hard seeing that he’s just that darn precious.

Aside that, I also had my friend Sofia over for some coffee today. It was seriously just that awesome, to just sit down and talk about everything and nothing for several hours – we literally lost track of time. I’m glad she’s moving here so we can hang out more. Looking forward to it.

And now… I’m just sitting here eating taco crisps and about to go to bed once my iPod’s finished charging. On top of that, I’ve managed to get some sort of papercut on my finger. I wonder if it’s from putting up posters for Sabaton Open Air.

// Sara

Mejor Morir En Pie

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know, I literally just had a heartattack. I heard some creepy noises, and they got louder and louder. Fearless as I am, I of course went to check on it, only to noticed it had started to rain. Holy hell.

However, festivalseason is starting in just a few weeks. And to make it even better, I actually recieved some of my newely bought gear for my car.

First and foremost, it was this awesome little… bag? What do I call it? To hang on the back of the frontseat of your car.

What I really liked about specifically this one, was the fact it has a cooler in it. I loved it.

And I love the little pockets for drinks. No brainer that this will be perfect for those festivals where I’ll be staying in my car.

The second thing I got, was a small pocket to hang on the fans in the car, where you can put, well, most stuff I guess. I’m going to admit I don’t have a solid plan for it, but I’m sure I’ll find it useful.

And last but not least, I got some anti-slip pads to put in my car, so I can also put my shit in the board without everything falling out. And they are sticky. Like really sticky. Nothing is going to fall off those bad guys.

I’m starting to get so ready for festivalseason. Like, I wanna start packing right away. But you know, it doesn’t work that way sadly. But soooon!

// Sara

When Stars Align

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

Hello… It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet?

Well, it hasn’t been years, but it sure feels like it. I’m really sorry for letting the blog go a little bit – but truth to be told, you need to look after yourself first. Without me, no blog, and if I don’t look after myself, there won’t be a me. The move is going great. It’s pretty much done. Work is going good, so you know that too.

On top of that, I’ve got some good company for Graspop Metal Meeting, so the festival won’t feel as lonely as it originally would. I’m actually getting rather excited for the whole thing to be honest. I’m really happy that it’s finally going my way.

I might have to do some changes in the upcoming festivalsummer, but honestly, that is yet to tell. It’s too early to say anything right now, and I’m just trying to focus on Sweden Rock and Graspop right now. I’m thinking about delaying buying a new tent until the festivals later this year, since we’ll have a pre-booked tent on Graspop. Decisions, decisions you know. I guess I’ll have to see what I do.

But, with that said – I am at least alive! Yay!

// Sara

Art Nation – Liberation

Posted in CDs, Music, Uncategorized with tags , on May 15, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, Gothenburg based Art Nation is back with their second album, following up the smashing debut that was “Revolution”. I have personally been waiting for this album forever, or well, it feels like it for sure. But you know what they say – good comes to those who wait. So I had to wait, patiently. But finally – at the end of April – I even managed to do the rookiemistake of misjudging the date – it arrived. The precious little album.

The album opens up with the latest single and musicvideo “Ghost Town”, which follows the exact same vein as the previous album, but it’s the second track of the album – “Maniac” – that really catches my interest at first. The rhythm of the song, the energetic chorus… I’m just loving it. The rest of the album follows the same vein – it’s melodic, it has a lot of rhythm, big arrangement and catchy tunes, mixed with a beautiful balled and a couple of heavier, or perhaps more aggressive songs.

But – let me put it this way. This album is basically a rear window, or a blast from the past. While the material may be a step forward for the band themselves, this album is like a lovestory straight out of the 80’s. Lita Ford meets Danger Danger with a taste of Mötley Crüe. There were some songs, “What Do You Want” that I honestly thought is basically the child of “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Rock America” by the two first mentioned bands. A real, nice, blast from the past in the shape of new talents.


I think the album is pretty good. It took a while for me, I will admit, to really fall for the album, and I sadly think it’s a tad bit weaker than the previous one – in this sense because it has more songs I skip, but on the other hand, the songs I like, are really good and really strong, so I guess it makes up for it – which makes it a bit hard to rate. But I would still recommend it, highly.

Favorite song: Take Me Home
Least Favorite song: One Nation
Dance-friendliness:  7/11
Headbang-friendliness:  4/ 11
Crowd-friendliness: 7/11

// Sara

Portugal wins the Eurovision Song Contest!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, there we have the result! After 49 years of waiting, Portugal has gotten their first win. Well deserved and well done! It was not my personal favorite, but it could have been a lot worse!

I saw a lot of people on Twitter talking about “why could he win” – and to some extent, I understand this, because I was not a fan of the song either – but on the same time I get it. This is a very sick man – heartcondition – so ill he couldn’t, or wasn’t allowed to, perform during the rehearsals. This is also the reason he looked so “bored” – more like trying to stay calm. I’m guessing a lot of people had a lot of sympathy for him because of this.

Regardless – I look forward going to Portugal next year!

// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2017 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, the second semifinal just wrapped up here. And to be honest, I found this semifinal to be slightly better than the previous one – perhaps it was just a better balance. I had a few songs I liked – Estonia’s “Verona” and Romania’s “Yodel It”, but aside that – it it’s still weak. I think this might end up being one of the weaker years of Eurovision.

However, in the end, the qualifiers are as follows: Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Romania, Norway, The Netherlands and Austria.

So as you see, Estonia didn’t make it through in the end. Which kind of sucks. But, at least some good tunes – like Bulgaria and Romania made it.

Now I’m eagerly waiting to the finale to air.

// Sara