Into You

Festivalsummer is coming closer and closer by the day – and the excitement grows. Sweden Rock in just three weeks, Graspop in four and Tons of Rock in five. It’s going to be three weeks of pure bliss.

But, in this excitement and bliss, there is darkness. Last night we were attacked again. Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester last night was attacked by a hateful individual, who took the life of all too many innocent people, youngsters, children. Tragedy. A place that is supposed to be the happiest on earth – the show of your favorite artist, turned into a battlefield. This is the second time it happens. In our forum. In my forum.

Hate can never win. We can NEVER let hate win – and hate can never silence us. My thoughts are all going to the victims, to the survivors, to Ariana who together with Eagles of Death Metal always have to live with the fact their fans lost their lives at their show. This is nothing but a tragedy. But we will never stop, mark my words.

(Photo: Robert Ascroft)

// Sara

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