May in Music

Alright folks! All of May has passed, and it is well time to talk about May in music. Basically, just see how I’ve been listening now in May, and as per usual, I’ll start with the artists.

5. Return

Norwegian 80’s hardrock band Return is a band I grew extremely fond of perhaps a year or two back when I discovered their “United in a Scream” and I’ve been hooked ever since. Despite this, it has taken me all the way up til now to get a hand of the album on CD, and while finding it I managed to lay my hands on “Attitudes” as well, which helps a lot with putting the band on the list.

4. Twilight Force

Twilight Force are still going strong on the list,I’m starting to sense they are becoming this band who will always linger around at all times. I’ve started to grown really, REALLY fond of this band, I guess it’s simply something with these concept bands that really get me, you know?

3. Alestorm

It’s only a few mere weeks until I’ll be seeing Alestorm again, which is going to be a long time no see. On top of that, they’ve just released and amazing album which I’m meant to post a review of any time soon, it’s almost finished! So exciting.

2. Art Nation

Seeing Art Nation still being in the top is no surprise really. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you people about my undying love for this band, and it’s just growing stronger as time goes by.


Not too odd, Sabaton is still in the lead. I’m still on the hype and all for “The Last Stand”, and I guess I’m getting a bit hyped for Graspop as well which helps you know… A lot. Still going strong!

Well, so that was the bands. Let’s move onto albums.

5. Attitudes – Return

One of the newest aqucitions as far as Return goes. I had it on repeat for quite a while actually, I really, really, liked the album. Very happy I got it!

4. Heroes of Mighty Magic – Twilight Force

Still on the list, the second album of Twilight Force. I guess it’s my love for “Flight of the Sapphire Dragon” that puts it so highly on the list, don’t you think?

3. The Last Stand – Sabaton

Surprisingly, it’s only on third place. You’d think it’s higher, but apparently not. It’s starting to slow down, aye?

2. No Grave But The Sea – Alestorm

Alestorm newest album has been played warmly here at home. I’m completely in love with this album, no joke at all

1.Liberation – Art Nation

Art Nation’s most recent album hits number one this month, it appears. Not so weird – just a matter of time until I see the golden boys and girl again. Really looking forward to seeing them at Sweden Rock, it’s going to be AMAZEBALLS.

And lastly, we have songs.

  1. Gott Mit Uns – Sabaton
  2. Take Me Home – Art Nation
  3. Battle of Arcane Might – Twilight Force
  4. Maniac – Art Nation
  5. Kiss Up and Kick Down – Art Nation
  6. The Last Stand – Sabaton
  7. Blood of Bannockburn – Sabaton
  8. Mexico – Alestorm
  9. The Power of the Ancient Force – Twilight Force
  10. Carolus Rex – Sabaton

I have decided I’ll just post a simple list like this from now on when it comes to songs.  We can see the list being dominated by the same artists seeing as most played artists, and it appears that the song I assumed was the cause of Twilight Force’s rise is not even on my most played lists. Carolus Rex songs are high on the list though, I guess I’m rediscovering the album in a way, haha.

So, that’s that folks. See you again next month!

// Sara

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