Despair is a Siren

The place is finally starting to come together. I think I have honestly said this a million times, but it has reached the point where it literally feels like I could actually live here now. Like a home, if it makes sense.

Today has actually been a bit of an eventful day – these days I play Pokémon Go twice as much as normal because of the Adventure Event where the buddies collect candies more rapidly than normal, as well as a lot of rock type Pokémon being out, which has reduced a lot of my candy chasing for me – I finished quite a few pokémons in just a day of walking, and I’ve managed to get all candies necessary for Slugma only by catching him, and the same thing is about to happen with Geodude. So that is well nice. I don’t need to collect more Slugmas, but it’s somewhat hard seeing that he’s just that darn precious.

Aside that, I also had my friend Sofia over for some coffee today. It was seriously just that awesome, to just sit down and talk about everything and nothing for several hours – we literally lost track of time. I’m glad she’s moving here so we can hang out more. Looking forward to it.

And now… I’m just sitting here eating taco crisps and about to go to bed once my iPod’s finished charging. On top of that, I’ve managed to get some sort of papercut on my finger. I wonder if it’s from putting up posters for Sabaton Open Air.

// Sara

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