Fighting Till The End

Second day of trying to obtain tickets and stuff for Graspop Metal Meeting, and I’m met with yet another error code. I don’t know what is Ticketmaster Belgium’s problem, but it sure is something. And you’d think their website would work like, two weeks prior to the festival. Apparently not. Talking about no costumer service!

On a brighter side, my lamp for the bedroom arrived today. So I finally have some proper lights in my bedroom, thanks for that! Now I can take back the reading light somewhere else, at last.

I’m satisfied. Once the bedroom is completely done, it will all make a lot more sense, I promise.

I also got my showercurtain. Finally. I’ve had a bit of a hard time showering now, without making the entire bathroom soaking wet, but at last. And it was BETTER than expected! I love it so much, seriously:

Aside that, I guess life is marching on as usual. Except my ticketbuying problems. Curse them websites. Another try tomorrow then!

// Sara

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