So, picking up from where I left it yesterday, I made sure to save after every single little sugarskull I found. Maybe it was simply me being impatient, but it felt as if it took longer time to collect them now. Perhaps I had just lost the spirit after the game dying on me.

The funniest part was that I was lurking around, and needing just one more sugarskull, when I saw this girl who for some reason hates my sim passing by. I figure she won’t give me a sugarskull, but I ran after her and pleaded to myself that “Please, I know you hate me but..” and then BIG GOLD SKULL appeared, and I had collected all nine! Thank you Elin! Thank you for, despite hating me, giving me the skull needed!

2016-10-23_16-31-40 2016-10-23_17-24-21

So, finally I could celebrate the Dia de los Muertos. Not a lot happened, in all honesty, or well, at least not for that little time I got to do it as I was about to head home, but it was nice to finish the challenge!

2016-10-23_17-27-05 2016-10-23_17-28-05

Aside that, I think she gained one level on her career, and finished some ambitions things. In all honesty, I stopped paying attention to everything else in Aria’s life when this challenge started.

// Sara

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