So, starting off this day pretty bad at work, I was greeted by basic christmas as soon as I came home. Not one, but TWO new albums were waiting for me upon arrival. Seriously, this time is just amazing, as I know I have more albums incoming as well, and just one week til Paris. But enough talk about that – what was in the packages then?

Well first one, was a bit of a surprise.


Tore and the No Smokers album “Rökning Dödar” (“Smoking Kills”). I won this album in a contest on Facebook, and sure, I knew I won the contest but I wasn’t really aware on what album I was about to get. This was really exciting though, I can’t wait to dig into it.

Second one, was not as much of a surprise. You got it.


Amaranthe’s long awaited album “Maximalism”. Finally is it here! I got the signed version as well, so accompanying this CD was an autographed card. God, I have waited for this album so long, and I’m actually listening to it right now as I’m writing this. I’ll give you my thoughts of this album in a few days, don’t worry!

So, I guess you could call it a small Christmas here at home with all these albums arriving. But I love it. New CD’s is like a drug to me – to hold a brand new case, smelling the plastic and knowing you have a load of brand new music on there, about to be listened to… It can’t be better than that.

// Sara

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