Dia De Los Muertos

Suffering from the worst possible of Post Concert Depression, I went off to Kyo’s for a long awaited gaming weekend. Or actually, it wasn’t that long awaited – we planned it pretty recently in order to play through the Day of the Dead challenge the The Sims 4 team has put together.

We started the evening off with pizza for dinner and catching up talking about what happened recently. And then… off with the game!

I was a little unsure on how to actually do this, but I called down Jasmine Holiday and she informed me about the challenge, and then… It was just to give it a go. I traveled across the neighbourhood in hopes to find sugarskull people, but it was harder than I thought. And not only that, but you actually had to maintain a bit of friendship with the people having the skulls.

And the next problem for me was that, either there comes none, or there comes like five. I started up a system where I’d look in my phonebook and invite all the sugarskulls out for a date, and at one point it looked like a reality show.


And then, it turns out you might end up being given the same skulls over and over again. So it was a lot harder than it seemed. But finally – oh finally, did I get all nine, it was on that group gettogether… and I was gonna go down in my spa-basement to put the new ones in the shelf….

When the game crashed.

No progress saved whatsoever. 

I felt like crying. Because truth to be told, Aria had also had a promotion and a few other things going, making me lose a lot of progress. It was about that time when I decided to call it a night.


// Sara

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