Grow Up

So! Friday again, means that it’s a lot of new releases to look forward to. No less than three of my favorite artists and bands has released a single this Friday, and I figured I should write a little bit about them.

First up, Olly Murs.

It’s been a little while since “Never Been Better” and you’d almost think I barely care about him because of the lack of writing, but trust me, I have not forgotten about him. “Right Place, Right Time” is one of my absolute favorite albums. So when noticing that he’s having a new album coming out, I got superhappy! First single released is “Grow Up

It’s a very typical Olly Murs song I’d say, it’s nothing very new in the music nor in the lyrics, but I like it. I relate a bit to it, I must admit, but that is a different story. I do like it though, I’m looking forward to the album!

Next up, is Lady Gaga.

Her first single off her upcoming album, “Perfect Illusion” had me jumping up and down and dancing around, and even still now whenever it comes on I’m just bouncing around as if it was “Hug You Hardcore” playing. Perhaps it’s the lack of Gaga, or just that it’s so perfect that make it, I don’t know. Today is the release of the second single, “Million Reasons”.

Holy hell. It’s very simple, toned down, acoustic songs, but she’s literally putting words to everything I’m feeling at times about people. This song is… it’s so good. So beautiful. I’m in absolute love. Damn, “Joanne” can’t come soon enough!

And thirdly, Amaranthe. For some reason, Amaranthe has managed to pin point exactly every single date Lady Gaga releases something – they even have the album releases on the same day! And they just keep it coming.

So, “That Song” was the first single, and as you know I wasn’t that impressed with it. It felt very bland for being an Amaranthe song, so I really hope number two, “Fury” is better.

Oh wow. Okay, so wow. This is basically the opposite of “That Song” – it s a very experimental and heavy song. Experimental as in the sense that they have a lot of layers of interesting elements – they’ve played with the voice and used it as an instrument to create interesting pieces, or, accesories as my AE teacher would say. It’s nice with a complete Henrik song too – and the chorus is supercatchy. It’s fun to hear him really working it, reaching points I’ve never heard him go before, which makes me superhappy. Despite all the extra glitter and interesting guitarsolo, the song is a bit one track, but it’s still interesting.

If anything, it makes the whole album a lot more interesting with these two as the singles.

// Sara

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