And The Zombie Says

Right now, my head is essentially mashed potatoes. Like a Zombie. Planning the major tour for November is consuming a lot more brain activity than it should, not even sure why at the very moment. The saddest part is that other tours get affected.

Like Powerwolf.

I looked at my workschedule today, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I had time off next week, only to remember that’s when I’m supposed to go to Stockholm to see Powerwolf. And I can barely remember it, because of my head being, basically, mashed potatoes. Or more like, my head is already in Ireland. Or in Paris, perhaps. And not to mention, the States. I’ve been trying to listen to Powerwolf and Civil War every day now in order to get myself excited, but nothing helps.

Does anyone else have these kind of problems when you plan a lot of tours at the same time? I must admit, it’s a little annoying. I know for sure I will enjoy the show once I’m there, but it’s hard to find any motivation. Perhaps I should just book the last things so I at least, you know, get there.

“And the zombie says…”

// Sara

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