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Joanne – Lady Gaga

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So. Like I’ve said sooo many times. The thought of Lady Gaga putting out a fifth album sort of didn’t exist for me. She went completely off the radar, especially with those acting gigs of her, and just general silence. So, when “Perfect Illusion” dropped I guess pretty much every little monster of the world simply lost their shit. And now, a few weeks later, I finally hold “Joanne” in my hand.

I am not sure how many songs Lady G actually dropped before releasing the album, but the only two I listened to myself was “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons” which seemed promising. But, how was actually the album?

Well… different. I’ll start off there. As someone who’s very used to pretty much every album Lady Gaga ever made before this, I was quite shocked to hear how toned down this album was. The only song that is really OUT there, is “Perfect Illusion”, the rest is very toned down, with a lot of focus on her voice rather than overproduction. When I listen to this album, it feels like I’m in some countryside little village listening to my aunt or sister singing some melodies about life, and I’m guessing it’s the fact it’s so voice-oriented and acoustic that gives this feeling.

There are however, a few exceptions, such as “Diamond Heart”, “John Wayne” and my personal favorite on this album, “Dancing in Circles” which is more of a funky kind of song, with very typical Gaga lyrics, and it reminds me of when I was in Australia and would come across these salsa dance off’s or what it was they had in Brisbane centrum, and well, fittingly, the song makes me wanna dance around in circles.

I must admit, that I’m not sure what I feel about this album. I’ve given it a few listens, or actually, many listens, in order to make it grow on me, but I just can’t find it. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s so different from what I expected it to be, which is I guess my own fault. What I find extremely intriguing though, is the resemblances from the title track “Joanne” compared to Battle Beast’s “Unholy Savior”, in the verses. I caught myself wanting to sing the Battle Beast lyrics to the songs.

Okay. This is getting a bit messy, because, well, I can’t sort out my feelings. It’s good, for what it is, but it’s not really what I expected. But as far as songwriting goes, this was an excellent piece.


// Sara


Grow Up

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So! Friday again, means that it’s a lot of new releases to look forward to. No less than three of my favorite artists and bands has released a single this Friday, and I figured I should write a little bit about them.

First up, Olly Murs.

It’s been a little while since “Never Been Better” and you’d almost think I barely care about him because of the lack of writing, but trust me, I have not forgotten about him. “Right Place, Right Time” is one of my absolute favorite albums. So when noticing that he’s having a new album coming out, I got superhappy! First single released is “Grow Up

It’s a very typical Olly Murs song I’d say, it’s nothing very new in the music nor in the lyrics, but I like it. I relate a bit to it, I must admit, but that is a different story. I do like it though, I’m looking forward to the album!

Next up, is Lady Gaga.

Her first single off her upcoming album, “Perfect Illusion” had me jumping up and down and dancing around, and even still now whenever it comes on I’m just bouncing around as if it was “Hug You Hardcore” playing. Perhaps it’s the lack of Gaga, or just that it’s so perfect that make it, I don’t know. Today is the release of the second single, “Million Reasons”.

Holy hell. It’s very simple, toned down, acoustic songs, but she’s literally putting words to everything I’m feeling at times about people. This song is… it’s so good. So beautiful. I’m in absolute love. Damn, “Joanne” can’t come soon enough!

And thirdly, Amaranthe. For some reason, Amaranthe has managed to pin point exactly every single date Lady Gaga releases something – they even have the album releases on the same day! And they just keep it coming.

So, “That Song” was the first single, and as you know I wasn’t that impressed with it. It felt very bland for being an Amaranthe song, so I really hope number two, “Fury” is better.

Oh wow. Okay, so wow. This is basically the opposite of “That Song” – it s a very experimental and heavy song. Experimental as in the sense that they have a lot of layers of interesting elements – they’ve played with the voice and used it as an instrument to create interesting pieces, or, accesories as my AE teacher would say. It’s nice with a complete Henrik song too – and the chorus is supercatchy. It’s fun to hear him really working it, reaching points I’ve never heard him go before, which makes me superhappy. Despite all the extra glitter and interesting guitarsolo, the song is a bit one track, but it’s still interesting.

If anything, it makes the whole album a lot more interesting with these two as the singles.

// Sara

Lady GaGa ställer in “Fame Kills” med Kanye

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Detta är egentligen ingen nyhet, eftersom vi vetat länge att Kanye West har hoppat av “Fame Kills” för att lägga in sig på rehab (det är i vilket fall den information vi har fått!)  och nu är det klart att hela turnen (i alla fall som jag har uppfattat det?) ställs i, men att Lady G däremot åker på en soloturne i November, en turne som börjar ett par veckor efter att “Fame Kills” skulle ha börjat.


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I Lördags var allas Mistress Lady G med i Saturday Night Live, och framträdde bland annat med “Paparazzi” och ett medley med “Lovegame/Bad Romance/Pokerface” Hon gjorde även ett par sketcher.

Alla klipp finns samlade >>HÄR<<


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Lady Gaga och Kanye West har nu officiellt tillkännagivit sin Nordamerikanska turné, vid namn “Fame Kills: Starring Kanye West and Lady GaGa!” Enlight så är hela showen i musikalisk kland, och jag kan bara tänka mig att det blir liknande det “Paparazzi” framträdandet jag skrev om >>här<<.

Datum klara hittils:


November 10th Phoenix, AZ US Airways 26-Sep 10am
November 11th San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena 26-Sep 12noon
November 13th Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Events Ctr 26-Sep 10am
November 15th Anaheim, CA Honda Center 26-Sep 10am
November 16th Los Angeles, CA Staples Center 26-Sep 10am
November 18th Sacramento, CA Arco Arena 25-Sep 12noon
November 19th San Jose, CA HP Pavilion 26-Sep 10am
November 24th Vancouver, BC GM Place 25-Sep 10am
November 26th Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome 25-Sep 10am
November 28th Edmonton, AB Rexall Place 25-Sep 10am
November 29th Saskatoon, SK Credit Union Center 25-Sep 10am
December 2nd Denver, CO Pepsi Center TBA
December 4th St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center 3-Oct 10am
December 9th Miami, FL American Airlines Arena TBA
December 11th Atlanta, GA Philips Arena 3-Oct 12noon
December 12th Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum TBA
December 13th Norfolk, VA Scope Arena 10-Oct 10am
December 16th Worcester, MA DCU Center TBA
December 18th Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center TBA
December 19th Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena 9-Oct 10am
December 20th Buffalo, NY HSBC Arena 3-Oct 11am
December 22nd East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center 3-Oct 10am
December 23rd Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena TBA
December 26th Hartford, CT XL Center 3-Oct 10am
December 30th Washington, DC Verizon Center 2-Oct 12noon


January 3rd Uniondale, NJ Nassau Coliseum 3-Oct 10am
January 6th Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre 3-Oct 1pm
January 8th Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place 3-Oct 1pm
January 11th Montreal, QC Bell Center 3-Oct 12noon
January 14th Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills TBA
January 16th Chicago, IL United Center 2-Oct 12noon
January 21st San Antonio, TX AT&T Center 10-Oct 10am
January 22nd Houston, TX Toyota Center TBA
January 24th Dallas, TX American Airlines Center TBA

(TBA står för när biljetterna släpps)

Amidst of all the flashing lights I pray the fame won’t take my life…

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“TickleWillysPickle (1 timme sedan)
Basically it’s a song centered around ‘the fame monster’ meaning fame is a good thing, but it does turn it’s back on you, then turns around, and will swallow you whole, hence her ‘amidst all the flashing lights i pray the fame won’t take my life.’ the fame is on her side until the piano part, she made a bad move by going to the piano, and since she made one wrong move, the fame will now tear her to peices, hence the blood and hanging ”

(Det är ett slagsmål emot Viacom, som ständigt tar bort klippen ifrån Youtube, jag försöker att hålla bloggen uppdaterad med bästa klippet som finns tillgängligt)

Nu verkar det vara en officiell version uppe, hoppas vi får behålla den!

Eller inte…

Lady GaGa vann BEST NEW ARTIST på VMA!

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Igår gick Video Music Awards 2009 av stapeln på MTV, och Mistressen var nominerad till både Best Pop Video, Video Of The Year, Best Female Video och Best New Artist. Hon fick se sig besegrad av både Britney Spears, Taylor Swift och Beyoncé, när hon sedan tog en enväldig seger i kategorin för BEST NEW ARTIST. Grattis, Lady GaGa! Hon förtjänar det till tusen.


Hon uppträdde dessutom på VMA, med sin superhit “Paparazzi”. Och enligt både PerezHilton och MTV så var det… blodigt.


Lady Gaga – “Paparazzi (Live)”

The enigmatic Lady Gaga brings her single ‘Paparazzi’ to Radio City Music Hall … and to a bloody climax! (2009 MTV Video Music Awards)”””””

Tyvärr kan vi i Sverige inte se klippet på MTVs hemsida, men klippet finns både på Youtube och på lite andra sidor. Och vad ska man säga? Jag fick gåshud redan efter 42 sekunder… Och det blir bara bättre. Men det är otäckt. Riktigt otäckt, så är man käsnlig för blod och död bör man INTE kolla på det nej. Jag får bita mig i läppen för att inte grina.

Teatralisa Lady… suck.

// Sara

Missade totalt att hon även vann priser för BEST ARTDIRECTION och BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS, både med videon “Paparazzi”

Släpp ut din inre GaGa!

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Polyvore har precis släppt en tävling där man tillåts på en hemsida att mixa kläder av riktiga designers i en egen Gaga inspirerad outfit som man kan dela med sig av och även sedan kunna köpa.

Lady GaGa kommer förövrigt att välja En vinnare som vinner en signerad “The Fame” och en massa andra coola saker, och det vinnande bidraget blir visat på!

Jag har tittat runt på Polyvore sidan, och så vitt jag ser så finns det bara en åldersgräns på 13 år, och inget annat, så vad väntar ni på? Throw yourself in the game ; )


// Sarah

Lady GaGa på ELLEN Preimär.

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Igår var det premiär för Ellen Degeneres sjunde säsong av hennes talkshow. Första gästen och artisten att uppträda var just : ) Lady G! När programmet sänds i Sverige vet jag inte än, men här är framträdandet : )

// Sarah

Lady GaGa ger ut THE FAME IGEN

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Mm, ni hörde rätt. Såg just på MSN Starlounge / WOW Sweden att Lady GaGa ska ge ut “The Fame Monster” snart, eller hur det var.


Om det inte var för att det är en återutgivning av “The Fame” med några extra spår. Snälla Lady, ge oss något nytt istället!

the Lady G har förövrigt också designat ett par hörlurar med Dr. Dre och under en 30 dagars period kommer hon att lotta ut ett par om dagen till folk som bor i USA och är över 18 år. .

// Sarah


CDON måste skoja, eller hur?

Tja, Hur mycket jag än älskar och avgudar kvinnan så kirrar jag inte The Fame + nya tracks för ett och ett halvt tusen… Nej.

// Sarah