FINALLY! At last, at last my pretty little readers, Ireland is booked and set! I even managed to find a decent flight home. Now I just need to figure out if I wanna go to this one gig or not, but that is less important right now.

It feels sooo good to finally have it all done. To finally have checked everything off in the list, and know that now we can just sit back, wait and then enjoy the trip. I have also started to re-arrange my travelfolder, which was the most emotional thing ever, seeing it hasn’t been used since Australia. It was hard, really, hard, to erase all the categories and replace them, and even more so taking things out of it. Like, we are talking about a Sabaton ticket from FEBRUARY! FEBRUARY! That has been in this folder ever since.

blabla planerr

One week from today I’ll finally see Powerwolf and Civil War again, and then the week after I’ll see them again. I can’t wait for these shows to come soon enough, and, well, perhaps I should write something about this because most of you probably thought, knew or assumed that I’d be going to most of the shows up here in the North, and now only doing two. Why?

Well, it’s all about lost spirit, or how to put it. Whenever a Powerwolf or Civil War song comes on my “daily ipod” (has about ten songs featured of each band, and a total of 150 songs on the ipod) I skip them. I quite frankly, often forgot the tour was happening to begin with, which is because my head has been so much into France / Ireland, but also the US. The same thing happened this year – but with SlipKnot. I have, this year, said to people that I wish I could meet SlipKnot one day, and on Tuska, I told Nathan I was in Finland for the first time this year.

Except it wasn’t. I met SlipKnot in Helsinki in January. 


But for some mysterious reason, I can’t for the life of me remember this, nor the Gothenburg gig. I remember meeting Eeva, Sebastian and Fritiof, but the gig themselves I can’t for the life of me remember. I have had moment where I sit and stare at my signed vinyl and still not remember I actually met them. Or saw them. And this is because of Australia. Because my head was so into Australia at the moment, that I couldn’t focus on anything else.

And this is why I’ve decided to cut back a whole lot of the Powerwolf gigs. I won’t be worth the thousands and thousands of crowns that it’ll cost, if I a month from now will not even remember going to this tour. But I do know that once I see them in Stockholm, I’ll want to see them again, making Örebro the perfect choice since it’s a few days apart.

With that said, I do know for sure I’ll enjoy the gigs. First in Stockholm with Michelle and Robert, and then in Örebro with Paula… Gonna try out some new stuff as well, so yeah. It’ll be good, regardless.

// Sara


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