It Snows In Hell

Another day of playing The Sims has passed, and… well, there’s only so much progress there can be made in you know, ten or eleven hours, but some has been made! First and foremost: Don’t freak out. I just gave her a complete make over. It’s the same Sim, I promise!

To start off with Aria personally, she wrapped up the Author branch of the career and has now embarked on the last career remaining of the “usual” careers – Entertainment. Because of her current state of aspirations Popularity, more to be exact “Joke Star”, she very quickly embarked on the comedian branch of the career. I bought her the perk of going through the careers faster, and in this case I like it, I’ll see how much I’ll like it with the “Get To Work” careers.


Speaking of aspirations, she finished two since last – both in the Creative branch – “Best Selling Author” as well as “Painter Extraordinaire”. I don’t know for how long I struggled with the last one… She painted a lot of masterpieces when she was in the painting job, but as soon as I HAD to have masterpieces made, it was as if she simply couldn’t make them. What the hell. She also finished the “Joke Star” aspiration, and are now on the “Friend of the World” aspiration. It’s becoming less and less aspirations to choose from, and I want Family and Romantic to be the absolute last.


But, on the more exciting note, she finally opened her store. I came down to the store, not remembering at all what I had planned to build, but I used one of the lots to creative a spa store – selling candles, stone and meditation tools. And it was exciting! It was a tad bit similar to The Sims 2 Open for Business, as far as handling the customers, and since she’s alone for now, she’s made quite the profit! I hope to expand a bit more, and perhaps even hire someone one day. And hope they are better than the staff in The Sims 2, haha.

2016-09-25_17-12-20 2016-09-25_17-12-29 2016-09-25_16-33-35

Well, that’s that for now. The gaming weekend is over and real life starts tomorrow. It has been a very good weekend though. All I wish is for my illness to go away. Like now.

// Sara


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