The Lounge Kittens – Sequins and C-Bombs

About a week ago, I finally received my long awaited copy of The Lounge Kittens first debutalbum “Sequins & C-Bombs”. I purchased the EP “Just The Tip” already during the tour with Steel Panther in 2015, and I’ve eagerly been awaiting new material from them ever since, and it’s finally here!

Perhaps I should do a small introduction of this band for those of you who might have missed out on who they are: The Lounge Kittens is a trio from Southampton that made a new for themselves by doing lounge music covers of metal songs. Some of their more famous works would be “Duality” by SlipKnot, “Rammers”, a Rammstein medley and “Gloryhole”, a Steel Panther cover.

Sooo, how does it sound? Well absolutely exquisite! It opens seductively and calmly with their rendition of Alice Cooper’s classic song “Poison”, a song I’ve WAITED For them to do! I love how it just builds up throughout the song, preparing us for the next song, which is “Bounce” which is on the funnier side, maybe it’s just me thinking about the video everytime I hear it and Jen jumping around Zan and Timia and it makes me chuckle.

The album keeps a very good pace – it goes ups and down in moods, with a mixture of funny, uptempo playful songs (“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, “Yeah”, that rap part!) mixed with serene and cosy songs (“Love is Only a Feeling”, “Want You Bad”). What made me very happy was to see the inclusion of “Sad But True” “Smack My Firestarter to Outer Space” and the “Rammers” medley. I’ve enjoyed all three of these live, and I’ve wished to have them with me in an iPod, and finally it’s happening! The album was then beautifully wrapped up by “The Beautiful People” where they added a few extra instruments to really get out the entire epicness of the song, making it a strong finish.

There’s one song that sticks out a bit – “Smack My Firestarter”, which is a fully produced metal song, with a back up band and everything, which is a bit unusual for this piano and acapella band, but I can’t say I dislike it. It was actually rather good!

Aside that, there’s a few songs that my heart pounds for is this one special song – “Africa”. Perhaps it’s my daily love relationship to this song that makes me love it even more on this album, but seriously, they made it so good. So, so good. I literally just stared at the wall when I heard it. I also found “Jump Around” a bit more interesting then the others, mostly because of the added beatboxing. Loved it!


Overall, this album is just awesome. It’s fantastic arrangements, delicious harmonies with a good mixture of humor in all the right places, and seriousness in all the right places. Well done, ladies!

// Sara

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