Down with the Devil

I have spent the last, well, yeah, 24 hours with doing nothing but eating candy, talking and playing The Sims. I might have slept a couple of hours in between, but it’s irrelevant. Kyo and I are having one of our legendary The Sims weekends, and I have waited for this soooo long! To just go away for a weekend and do nothing but playing The Sims without a shame in the world.

So, how has my progress been since last?


Both a lot, but also not a lot. First and foremost I had gotten myself no less than four new The Sims games – “Dine Out” (which I technically got a few days ago) followed by “Outdoor Retreat”, “Luxury Party” and “Cool Kitchen” stuff packs. I had a hard time choosing what stuff packs to buy, because there are so many I wanted! or actually, in the end I want all of them, but which should I start with? I went with luxury stuff because I love fancy things, and then kitchen stuff more as a necessity rather than what I wanted the most.

I have yet to try them out properly, so I will get back to you about each pack once I’ve tried them a bit better, just to make that a bit clear.

But what’s happened with Aria since last? Well, with her, not a lot. She finally finished her art career, in Patron of the Art branch, and has now embarked on a writing career, where she just in this moment reached level six, choosing the author branch.

She has completed the mansion ambition, and in co-operation with her work, she’s now doing the writers ambition as well. Better to smash two flies at once, no?


As far as her house goes, changes has been made. At first I rebuilt the yoga center to a sauna, but upon realizing there were some bugs that made it difficult to build up there, I moved the entire thing down to the basement, where I made an entire floor out of health and fitness, like a center. It’s one room with the sauna and a relax part with a couch, one room with work out equipment, one room with bathtubs for mud baths, one room for meditation and yoga, and one room with a bathroom. At least for now. I plan to fix a place where they can get massage as well. I’m really happy with the turn out!

2016-09-24_17-37-19 2016-09-24_17-49-57 2016-09-24_17-50-42

And secondly, I of course, rebuilt the kitchen. I extended it a bit and gave it a small make over. changed wallpapers and upgraded all of the furnitures. Made me superhappy. I think this is what I’ll focus on – making small improvements with every room as time goes on, rather than look to other houses.


2016-09-24_14-42-45 2016-09-24_14-44-04

So, that is a little bit what’s been going on these past 24 hours. Now, I’m heading off to work, and then back to playing again.


// Sara

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