Hammer High

So! Today HammerFall’s released their latest single as well as video for the song “Hammer High” off their upcoming album “Built to Last” (which will be released on November 4th). This is the second single off the album, following “Sacred Vow” released earlier.

And I fell in love with this song. I guess it’s the anthem vibe – invites you to a sense of belonging. And perhaps I’m still a bit colored from reading Oscars book, but something I always liked so much, and why I identified so much with HammerFall is the passion. The passion for the music they love – heavy metal, and it reflects in their lyrics. About wanting to be free to love whatever you want, like heavy metal or HammerFall to begin with.

The song is a bit different to “Sacred Vow” – it’s more, lowkey, not as in-your-face as the aforementioned, but it is still very, very classic HammerFall. Hearing both of these songs have made me nothing but more excited for the album to come!

By the way, here you can watch the video. I like the video, it fits well with the song and the production is superb.

// Sara

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