I Want The World

Today was quite interesting. It started out with us rescheduling New Zealand, as we had originally thought about going today, but decided against it. So I started the day out with packing and cleaning up after us, going for my walk…which became more dramatic than it should.

First and foremost, since I didn’t plan to do a big walk, I decided to bring neither my camera nor my phone, because I thought, what would I ever need or get to photograph?

Jokes on me, because when getting up from my safe place, I found myself looking into a pair of black eyes, belonging to the cutest cow I’ve seen in a long time. And she had company by three more. I know where they’re from – they’re from a far nearby. I talked to a local about the escaped cows and then continued on like nothing. When walking a bit further, I came across one of those dragon lizards and a bunch of tiny geckos. I guess jokes on me when I said I wouldn’t see anything exciting.

Later in the night I headed down to World Science Festival which was held on the Southbank, and started the evening out with watching ”Wall-E” on an outdoor cinema by the river. After the movies was done, I strolled down the marketplace and checked out the dress I’ve found myself checking out a lot. Really need to get it.



Spent the rest of the evening resting by the river, walking around Southbank to photograph it for my mother and then got home later than I thought I would. Perfect last evening in Australia for now.


southbanky southy southyyy

// Sara

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