Amen & Attack

So, behind where Curt and Chiara lives there’s a big park. A park that I was told goes on and on and on and on and on for a very long period of time. Naturally, this intrigued me, so I packed my bag, made some food and went. The furthest I had gone before was the 3 kilometers to the workout equipment, but this day I figured I’d go even further.

So I went. There isn’t much to say about me going – the walk differed from being in parks to being among neighbourhoods, and the only really exciting thing must be the warning signs for magpies which freaked me out for a moment, but it was all good. I got all the way down to Virginia Golf Club where the road came to an abrupt end and I found myself walking back home.




After this I went downtown to meet up with Curt and he showed me some swords he’s been looking at, as well as some recordstores similar to Knastret. I really enjoyed being down there, you know, like coming home?

We went groceryshopping so I could cook them a meal, but… Well. The meal turned out fine, however, being unused to Australian goods, I managed to pick up the spiciest of spicy chilisauces, so our mouths BURNED. And it’s not even supposed to be spicy in the first place. We watched “Ghostbusters” while having dinner, Chiara came home later and we all went to bed. Slow, but nice day.


// Sara

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