Out of Control

So today was the day. We got up at like, what, 4.30, packing our only suitcase into the taxi and said good bye to Curt and Chiara for now and headed towards the airport. Funnily enough, the taxi driver drove the wrong way, and THEN asked our destination. Made me pissed.

Once there, we checked in our bags, got stuff in the duty free and boarded the plane. And seriously, I’m gonna do what Luisa Omelian says – upgrade bitches, upgrade. We went with Emirates and I was happy to watch ”Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2” all the way from Brisbane to Auckland, again with a tasty breakfast. I need to upgrade to these kind of airlines.


Once landed we went through two hours of waiting. Seriously, I never realized how ”blessed” I’ve been to have a European Union passport holder until now. Going into the ”long” rows seriously… it took us two hours. TWO HOURS from when we got off the plane until we were actually IN New Zealand and free to go.


We found the bus rather quickly, got on it and discovered they have the cutest seats ever. Didn’t see much, since the bus had big printings on the window where we sat, but oh well. Got off at the right place and then took the WALK FROM HELL up to our hotel. I mean, I thought Hotel Micro in Stockholm was bad, but holy shit. Jucy Snooz beat them.


And Jucy Snooz… so you know how I chose the hotel based on the colors on the hotel right? Seriously, this is soooo our hotel. The humor is just so US. Damn. I need to go to New Zealand more often.


So, we changed clohtes and then hit the town. The first thing we did was to collect as many maps as we possibly could to start plan our days, and then went through a few touristshops planning what to get and then began the endless lookout for food. We decided we didn’t want to have fastfood, but rather real food to treat ourselves. We found an italian restaurant and had a blast.


Afterwards we headed over to a place called Rock Bar, which is just as the name suggests, a night club with rock music. So, with music videos from the heroes, a glass of wine and beer and maps and guidebooks, we found ourselves planning out what we wanted to do.


More locals came into this club which is also a karaoke bar, and once the karaoke was on the party was on. New Zealanders know how to party! Had a blast, thanks all involved. We headed home quite early, and now we lie here in bed listening to Battle Beast and planning out or days. New Zealand will be good.

// Sara

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