Touch In The Night

Today I headed off early to town in order to catch one of many artgalleries they had. I went to the Modern Art Gallery, located close to Southbank, and I enjoyed it so much, and my favorites were the Aborgine art. Seriously, it’s absolutely stunning. This is the sort of art I’d have at home. I fell in love with the Asian pieces as well. I guess it’s just soothing. That reminds me. Once I move away from home, I need to set up a speaker that constantly plays the soundtrack from “Atlantis: The Lost Tales” every day.


After this, I did some quick shopping at the touristshops. Picked up a few gems, and also some candy before I headed down to one of the many pools at Southbank waiting for Curt. Seriously, I’m not sure if you guys ever been to Southbank, but it’s probably the best place on Earth.


Around 6-7 something-ish, Curt met me up at Southbank to have some one on one time, and we hit up this Burgerplace called “Grill’d”. I had a superspicy burger, which almost made me cry, but it was SOOOOO good. Seriously, REAL burgerplaces is the fucking shit. I need to have two or ten more of those before I leave this country. So fucking tasty.

We spent the evening talking about everything and nothing, spotting Elmohelmets on bikers and just enjoying ourselves and a drink and a burger.

We walked around a bit on Southbank, walking through the rain forest and the Japanese temple before we decided to head home. It was a really nice night and day, I couldn’t have enjoyed it more!


// Sara


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