Better Place

You know what my favorite part about my running trail is? It’s that part of the park that sounds like the stereotypical tropical jungle. I guess, it in a way is indeed a tropical jungle, but it’s just on that one patch. I remember even taking out my earplugs just to listen to the noise of a million different bugs and birds making sounds, and thanks to the incoming heatwaves and humidity in the air, it felt like I for a moment were in the Amazonas, or something. Well, it’s close enough for now, right?


I love the trail though. I mean, we haven’t done much since we got here, but I could literally do anything to just chop out this trail and take it with me to Sweden. Perfect distance, and lovely equipment along the way. and the view, I mean, how bad can this be?


I spent parts of the afternoon on the balcony reading “The Fifth Wave” that I’m currently on. I saw the movie a while back, and I liked it a lot so I figured I’d give the book a shot. For now, it’s pretty slow and hard to chew down, but perhaps it gets better.

In the late afternoon I went down to Chermside Shopping Centre for a first shoppingspree. This means, basically check out what they have and prepare for a real shoppingroute. The first thing I had set to get was actually Rachel Platten’s album “Wildfire”. I had planned to get it while downunder, so I was very happy to find it in the recordstore, and especially at that price. Her album is probably going to become the soundtrack of this trip, and I need to save her music since some of her songs got bad memories to them, but it will be fine. After that, I headed over to the foodstore originally looking for after-sun screen, but wound up buying a lot of pop corn and candy instead. Whatever rocks your boat, right?



After that I strolled along some of the clothing stores, and I found quite a few interesting one I need to think further about. But I did stop by what is probably Australia’s answer to Glitter and Claire’s, which is Lovisa. They had a lot of lovely jewellery, even some I need to think further about, but for now I picked up two of them that couldn’t wait ’til later.

After this, I did a quick stop by The Body Shop to pick up on more body butter since I’m running out and my body is screaming for more.


After this, went home for like ten minutes before we went back to have dinner with Chiara on her lunchbreak, then home again. We talked a bit, and then I decided to take a nap but woke up by the fire alarm going off in the building. We all got out after a few ifs and buts, after seeing the fire truck coming, but gladly it was false alarm. But you know, that is one hell of a way to wake up on!


Later in the night when Chiara came home we finally got around to buy the tickets for Epica, so now that is for sure a go! So excited to FINALLY see The Quantuum Enigma tour since I managed to miss out on it TWICE while in Europe. How the hell is that even possible.

// Sara


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