Today has been yet another calm day really. Started it all out with a few episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” and the closest to a proper breakfast I’ve had in a few days, before hitting the park again. So basically I’ve come to realize this track will stay on it’s six kilometers course, but at least I’ve gotten a routine I know I can pull off.

For lunch we hit up Chiara in Chermside shopping centre to have lunch with her, and afterwards Curt showed us this really cool recordstore that I’m going to have to pay a visit again asap now that I properly know how cheap the stuff actually was.

Once home we talked music for a little while before I took a nap, before his sister Ashleigh came over and we had dinner with her watching “The Wolf of Wall Street”, among other things. The night kept on with talking and catching up on things, so not a lot really. It’s been a pretty slow day, but all of that is about to change, I tell you.

// Sara

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