Il Est Né (Le Divin Enfant)

For today’s evening we decided to, together with a friend and the sister’s of Curts, head down to the city, mostly for dinner and to look around a bit. So first and foremost, for the first time ever I went on Australian transport, which differs a bit from Sweden. Here, you tag your card when you enter the bus, but you also tag your card when you LEAVE the bus, and it’s really then the money is withdrawn. A little confusing for me who’s so used to put down my buscard right after I enter so I don’t lose it, but I can work with this.

So, we got down to the city and headed over to a mall where we met up with Tayla, Ashleigh and Ciára who was more or less waiting for us in the mall. After walking around in some of the stores we headed outside and went across the bridge over the river, Ashleigh being like my private little tour guide telling me about the town, the river and the bridge. And the view is seriously…


Just look for yourself. As we were all pretty hungry we mainly looked for somewhere to eat, and wound up at this Japanese place where I got a chicken sort of dish. I have to disappoint you that I don’t remember the name of the dish nor the place, but it was indeed really good!

Afterwards, the rest of the lot was heading for dessert, so I decided to head over to the marketplace. Curt accompanied me, and we wound up walking around the waterpark and the pools they have close to the river, which is absolutely stunning. Like, seriously. I was dying inside on how beautiful it was. And to top it off, we met the cutest little possum ever. What a little guy!


We met up with the rest of the crew, and Ashleigh was challenging some of the fountains (she won) and after that, the group splitted and we got home.


It was a great evening, and I’ll for sure be back in town to check out some of the stuff I never checked out this night. Seriously. Amazing.

// Sara

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