Welcome To New York

Well, not exactly New York, but that Taylor Swift song has been in my mind all evening.

So, what’s been done today? Not a lot, quite frankly. I overslept a bit, and then I headed out for a walk. I didn’t really know exactly where to go, I just knew that somewhere along there’d be a park, so I kept looking for it and found it. I followed the trails for a really long time, and when I had gotten 3,2 km away from where we are staying, I figured it was time to head home.


What I like about this park on the other hand, is the fact they had multiple exercising equipment in the park. Like, they had ladders to climb, sit-up stools, step ups and what not! I really liked it, so I’m sure getting the work out of my life every day now, and I’m super excited to get started.


I was out for a good two hours, and once home I can’t say I or we did much. I managed to find where I left off on “Pretty Little Liars”, so I’ve done a few episodes of that, and then at like, 18 or 19 it started raining, so I went out with “The Fifth Wave” and a chill playlist and sat outside on the balcony. I have always loved rain. It’s so calming watching and smelling it (tropical smell) and hearing it, and feel the cold drips occasionally hit you.


Curt came out and bothered me for a while, and then it stopped raining and I got too hungry to continue reading, so I went in and had dinner. Chiara came home just as I did so, so we sat in the sofa together and I presented my gifts to them. Chiara got a “snowball” with Stockholm in it, Curt got Gustav Vasa’s ship in a bottle, they got a moose from Finland, stuffed, of course, some Swedish candy and Swedish coffee. And he got his signed Lordi shirt, so they were all very happy.

Now I’m just gonna… probably apply for a job or so, and continue watching “Pretty Little Liars”.

// Sara

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