Touch In The Night

Well then, let me tell you all about these two days of traveling we’ve had before reaching our destination. So, we started the entire fucking day off, Saturday, by getting up an hour early. And why is this mentionable? This is mentionable, because I was like “I wanna sleep another hour… but there is no time..” and once we’d finished packing everything, that’s when I realize I had my phone on Swedish timezone, and not British, meaning we could easily have slept another hour… oh well. Despite this, we almost ran late. But not too late, only late for the bus to take us to the busstation, which on the other hand, was very early.


So we got to the busstation, got our tickets sorted out, got on the bus and then headed back towards London. It’s like.. a weird feeling in a way. You are looking out on the streets, and it’s not actually the same, but on the same time, it is. It’s just another bus on another high way, traveling between cities.

Once at Heathrow, we met up with Nathan who came all the way from Portsmouth to see us since he never made the show on Friday, so after a while, after quite the waiting, we managed to get a table at this coffeeshop where we had lunch together. He then stayed with us all the way up until it was time for us to go through security screening, and I shit you not, this was the hardest good bye I’ve ever done, at least in a very long time. Firstly, I don’t see him a lot, and secondly, I was actually really scared and nervous to do this trip to begin with, so I guess I found some comfort in Nathan being there.


So, once inside the gates we did some last minute shopping. We planned to stay awake the entire first flight, getting loads of candy, drinks and snacks to watch the Hunger Games trilogy, found this restaurant where we had dinner before it was time to board the plane.

Lucky me, I had scored a windowseat, so it was all good. After take off an other routines, we brought up my mac computer and started off with the first Hunger Games movie, when it happened.

The stewardessess came with food. And simply asked if we wanted dinner. And we were like yeah, sure, and the next thing I know is I find a foodplatter slammed on my mac. So basically, I’m having the most surprise dinner on top of my mac when watching The Hunger Games. Surreal feeling.

Sadly, the long traveling day had worn me out quite a bit, and I was getting very restless, so despite saying we’d stay awake, we decided to sleep off. I usually get sleepy from flights anyway, so perhaps it’d sort itself out anyway.

I woke up like, what, two hours or so before landing in China. I checked out the stuff they had on the airplane television, and we found Cycle 21 of Americas Next Top Model so we decided to watch that until the stewardess came with another batch of food, but this time breakfast. Like honestly. What did I need the Chinese money for if I was just gonna get food for free anyway?!

As we were approaching China and Guangzhou, I was breathless by the view, it was just… stunning.


Once at the airport, we did some quick hunting for food to eat – because I must admit, I was a bit stressed and rushed so I never got the chance to properly finish any of the meals, so we sat down and had one meal but first I picked up some gadgets in a tourist shop. It’s like, small porcelain figures on a string, I got two cats, one with stones and then this one with the turtle, which is now on my bag as my little mascot or token.


We boarded the next plane, and this one… Seriously. Like, first of all, the plane was far from full so we had the entire four seat row to ourselves. And it seemed, it was more space between the seats, so we could easily put our computer on top of the traytables to watch Catching Fire without having to have the computer in my lap. Even when the dude leaned the seat backwards, all we did was to move the computer a bit, and all was good.

After finishing that one, we tried to sleep again, and I woke up some time like… 4 am. I had a dream that we were landing, so I had hoped to see us being in Brisbane, but instead it was three hours till then. Damn damn damn. Tried to get back to sleep, but then at 6 they put on all the lights, brought us washcloths and breakfast so that was a no can do.


// Sara

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