I’ll continue right now where I left off yesterday.

So, we got off the flight and then we had to wait almost an hour or so, or at least it felt like it, for our luggage. I started to freak out, I mean, I guess I’ve seen too many of these Australian Border Controls episode to be completely freaked out, but I guess I was a bit scared about getting in as well, but everything went smooth as fuck. So that’s good. And then we had to wait like I said, and it took ages. I was really worried for a while that it wasn’t gonna come, but eventually, it did, so that’s awesome.

We got ourselves a little freshed up in the bathroom before going out to meet my best friends. A guy that I have known for almost ten years, but had yet to meet. It was superodd to see him in real life, you know, a person I talk to almost daily but never see. Jesus. It was long overdue. He had Dave with him, a friend of his that I got to know during Eurovisions last year, so it was great seeing him as well.

So, we got to the car and the thing is, Dave has a very little car. It was a bit of a deja vu from last year when going on our tour, where the company at the time also had a small car. Difference is I had one bag, now we had like, four suitcase and three other bags. But, Dave is the man so he managed to get everything in. Good riddance.

We got home to the apartment, landed, I took my time well in the shower to get off like everything from the shows, seriously, men’s sweat all over from the pits, and then the flights… it was good. Then we waited for Curt to come back from his dentist appointment, or actually, we had planned to go see Chiara, but just as we were about to go, Curt came home, so he came with us.

We went to the store she’s working at, and it was soo good to see her in real life too! We didn’t stay for long obviously, not to disturb her too much at work, and we went to get snacks and then went home to pass out on the couch to Family Guy.

Chiara came home to do a turn, headed to her pole practice (I think?) and I went for a “walk”, basically going around the house since, apparently, it does go pitch black here already at 19. That is superweird. Right before I left we ordered pizza, and I had the best timing ever since I came home right when the pizza came.

So we had dinner, Curt went to bed and Chiara, me and Michelle sat up for a good few hours talking about concerts, music, traveling, work, horses well, life in general I guess.

Really good first day, I’d say.

// Sara

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